August 2013 - Shangri-la Earthquake Causes Temporary Closure of Some Yunnan Attractions


An announcement from the tourism bureau of Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Region on 31st August recommends that tourists and residents in Shangri-la not visit Tiger Leaping Gorge, Meli Snow Mountain and Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey National Park in the short term.


Scenic spots, including Balagezong Area and Tiger Leaping Gorge, have also been temporarily closed to public, said the announcement.


This temporary closure was caused by a 5.9 Magnitude earthquake which hit Yunnan Shangri-la region on the last day of August. Currently there is no official statements about the exact reopen dates for these places. For the latest information please check back or comment below.


Jesse 's picture

Hi, What's the latest on the closures and safety of hiking in the Gorge? Is there a number I can call to check myself? I'm a tour leader and was originally planning on trekking there towards the end of this week.
Thanks! (发中文也可以)

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Hi Jesse,
The Tiger Leaping Gorge is closed to tourists due to the recent earthquake and heavy rains, which has caused some landslides on some sections of the cliffs of high paths, stones occasionally fall down.
You may try to call the Tourism Bureau office in Lijiang for a more detailed information: +86 888 5123432

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