Best places for shopping in Xi'an


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You will find that shopping in Xi'an is a very interesting thing. There are many historical artifact and souvenirs shops in Xi'an including Shuyuan Men Street, Xi'an Antique Market and Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center. As one of the most prosperous cities and tourism destinations in China, you will find numerous great places for souvenirs in Xi'an. Various souvenirs can be chosen for your families and friends. All kinds of historic artifacts such as tang tri-colored glazed pottery, replicas of horse or warrior clay figures and folk handicrafts like folk paper-cuts and cloth art can be found here. Dong Dajie, Nan Dajie and Jie fang Lu are three places for your choices to have a good shopping experience in Xi'an.

Shuyuan Men Street, which is under the Ancient City Wall and behind the Forest of Steles, is an ancient-style street. With the Ming and Qing styles, over 100 shops are in the Shuyuan Men Street. The ancient Ming and Qing buildings have high values in the whole architectural field. What can you buy in the Shuyuan Men Street? Various artifacts and arts are sold on this street: historical relics, calligraphy, paintings, antiques, jewels and folk art. Especially, the street is famous for its collection of calligraphy. The market which is known as the "Calligraphy Street" has a wonderful collection of oriental paintings. And the paintings make a colorful display of the traditional painting styles.

Dong Dajie (also called "East Street") is one of the main shopping streets in Xi'an. It is located in the east of the Bell Tower. A large number of international goods and local goods can be found here. You can choose whatever you want such as souvenirs, perfume, bags, shoes and clothes. Maybe you will be attracted by the smell of the food when you are enjoying your shopping. Because Dong Dajie is not only a shopping paradise for tourists, it also provides a lot of famous restaurants. If you are tired and want to have some food, then you can enjoy the local flavor snacks in the restaurants. Both the Roast Duck and Mutton Paomo should be in your list of foods to taste.

You may be dazzled by all kinds of souvenirs in the market while shopping in Xi'an. Tang tri-colored glazed pottery is a type of glazed pottery with the dominant colors of yellow, brown and green. It was very popular in the Tang Dynasty. The accurately proportioned human and animal figures have fluid lines, natural expressions and life-like movements. It can catch all your guests' eyes if you put it in the living room. Folk paper-cuts was originated in the cradle of ancient Chinese culture. Though it is often used as patterns for embroidery, it can serve as window decorations and it is one of the tourists' favorite souvenirs because of its easy to carry and Chinese culture. There are many people who have habits to collect different kinds of paper-cuts all over the country and it is no different with shopping in Xi'an too.

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