Asia highest fountain


Heyuan Fountain
Water is probably a necessary element to make a charming city, Heyuan (河源), located in Gongdong province is such a city endowed by nature with plenty of water resources.

This city has the highest fountain in Asia and the second highest in the World ( the first being in Saudi Arabia reaching a height of 1, 024 inches).

Heyuan Fountain is seated precisely in the middle of Xinfeng River and was completed in 1999.

Spurting out a water column of 169 meters, it is uniquely designed as an organic structure combing high sprays and group sprays. The group spray system is made up of 1, 063 massive fountains with different styles which fully display the charm of this water city.

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Heyuan Fountain water colum
There are 18 spray nozzles, 610 colorful lights underwater together with six groups of symphony playing alternately creating a romantic atmosphere.

This has earned her the name--- musical fountain. While listening to the music, you can appreciate the wonderful display of water spaying high, forming a curtain, throwing in and out, weaving a net and making a wave and so on.

Moreover, some more sophisticated, gorgeous and changeable view like "Peacock spreading its tails", "crown glittering", and "rainbow hanging in the air". You can endlessly enjoy this out at the world view with a balance of sound, light, water and color.

Therefore, be sure to have a good look at this awesome fountain in Heyuan. It's free for every visitor and reveals its charm at 8:00 pm every evening.

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