Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark


Dunhuang Yadan National Geology Park

Dunhuang Yadan National Geology Park, 100 km.(62 mi.) northwest of Yumenguan Pass, is located 180 km.(112 mi.) in northwestern Dunhuang City of Gansu Province.

Covering an area of 398 sq.m. (4,284 sq.ft.), the park is famous for its varied wind-erosive landscapes.

In this geology park lies the famous "Ghost City". It is so named because the wind-erosive landscapes there are in different sizes and shapes forming a natural maize for tourists to explore.

Ghost City is actually part of the mysterious Lop Lake and is endowed with an abundant of sunlights and strong hurricane strength winds. If you stand at a distance and appreciate it at sunset, you may be overwhelmed by the fantastic and mysterious atmosphere shrouding the whole city.

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In addition, other natural wonders can also be found in Yadan National Geology Park. Some look like a large fleet sailing at full speed on the sea; others are several flood dragons tossing in the sea;

Dunhuang Yadan National Geology Park - Gansu

Still others are a combination of pavilions, terraces and pagodas; some even take the shape of a mushroom, a camel or a horse. All of this depicts an enchanting view and makes the tourists linger on and forget to return home.

The ticket price is 20 RMB (3.3 USD) per person. Both children and seniors enjoy a half price.

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