White Horse Pagoda


White Horse Pagoda

Dunhuang White Horse Pagoda is located Hongxing village Danghe Township in south of Dunhuang, Gansu Province.

It was built in 386 A.D. in memory of the dead white horse of a monk named Kumarajiva who went to the eastern part of the country to preach Buddhism during Northern Liang period.

Dunhuang White Horse Pagoda has nine floors and is twelve meters in height. It is built up by adobe and covered outside by a mixture of cob and lime.

With an octagonal-shaped foundation and a lotus-flower-like top, it has represented the typical lamasery architectural style during the Ming Dynasty.

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Having survived for many years the rain and shine, Dunhuang White Horse Pagoda retains its past glory after several times of refurbishments.

Dunghuang White Horse Pagoda

With the green trees growing nearby and the clear, melodious ringing of the bell by the blowing of a gentle wind, it has become a popular tourist destination for tourists from home and abroad. 

This attraction opens all day and the admission fee is 15 CNY (2.5 USD) per person.

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