Accommodations in China


Star-level hotels in China are divided into five ranks based on standards issued by the China National Tourism Administration.

Many of these hotels are rated as 3-star or above (according to international standards). Most of the hotels have comfortable and convenient facilities.

Chengdu Shangri-la Hotel

  • In China, one or two-star hotels are economical and clean. But they may have very limited English speaking staff. They must have at least twenty guest rooms, most with private bath and offer breakfast or other meals.


  • Three-star hotel rooms and above are always equipped with an air-conditioner, color TV, telephone, double curtain and a private bathroom. Hot and cold water is available 24 hours a day and internet access may be available except in remote areas or cities like Lhasa. Three-star hotels also have restaurants, bar and coffee services, banquet halls, conference rooms, ballrooms and laundry facilities. Some of the staff can speak basic, everyday English while other may be able to speak only Chinese.


  • Four or five-star hotels are luxury properties with spacious, soundproof rooms; large lobbies; health clubs; business centers; 24-hour room service and excellent Chinese and western food. Five-star hotels in China have standards that nearly match similarly rated properties in large European and American cities.

All three-star hotels and above offer a choice of numerous TV channels, including several of the popular international ones. Popular English or Japanese newspapers and magazines, such as the International Herald Tribune, The Times, Asian Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review can be obtained at the front desk free of charge. International and domestic long-distance call can be made directly from your room and services such as telegram, telex or fax are available in the commercial center.

Hotel in Sichuan
Some of the three-star hotels (or above) also provide bowling alleys, swimming pools, multi-function halls, ballrooms, beauty parlors, massage rooms, saunas, clinics and ticket booking offices. Sometimes, shopping malls, banks and post offices are also available.

Another popular form of lodging is the International Youth Hostel. Rates are quite low and are based on a single bed.The facilities in the youth hostel are designed according to specified standards. We highly recommends the hostel if you are trying to stay within a certain budget, also here you can meet many foreign tourists and share the traveling stories and get first hand information. 

In China, not all hotels are permitted to receive foreigners depending on whether or not they meet certain requirements.

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