Yangshuo hiking - a fantastic journey in Guilin


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Take A Bamboo Raft in Li River
Do you like hiking? It is the best way for you to get in touch with nature. There are many excellent hikes around Yangshuo and this is one of the Yangshuo attractions. When you get tired of the noise and crowd of the urban life or want to have a breath of natural fresh air you can go hiking in Yangshuo. Yangshuo hiking is one of the popular things to do in Yangshuo in recent years. The best Yangshuo hiking route should be along the Li River and this is the star of the Yangshuo attractions.

Yangshuo attractions are famous in Guilin. The Yangshuo hiking is along the Li River from Yangdi to Xingping. The distance between the two places is about 20 km. (12 mi.). Generally speaking, the Yangshuo hiking will take you 5 to 6 hours. If you feel exhausted, a bamboo rafting along the Li River can be recommended for you. It is one of the things to do in Yangshuo and it is the wonderful experience for you to have sightseeing while you are rafting down the Li River. Please look at the 4 Day Guilin Yangshuo Hiking Tour for more information.

20 Yuan Scenery of Guilin
Guilin is famous for its beautiful landscapes from Xingping to Yangdi along the Li River, which is regarded as the essence part of Guilin scenery. You will pass 6 villages and cross river by ferry 3 times while you are hiking along the Li River. The hiking is a much more peaceful way for travelers to enjoy the Li River and mountain scenery than the noisy and crowed boat down the river. As mentioned before, you can rent a bamboo raft to float down the river when you are getting tired.

On your journey, you will find some famous Yangshuo attractions such as Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill and the 20 Yuan scenery of Guilin. The 20 Yuan scenery of Guilin comes from the government who used the picture of Guilin scenery on the back side of 20 Yuan. The Nine Horse Mural Hill, also called Jiuma Hua Shan, is in your eyes when you are rafting down the Li River. It is extremely important spot to see, which one you should never miss. 

Guilin The Nine Horse Mural Hill
Whether you are an enthusiast of artistic Chinese ink and wash paintings, you will be marveled by the legendary hill. The cliff face has images of what appeared to be a group of horses. Variegated in yellow and white, dark and light, the horses assume a variety of poses: some seem to be running, some just lying there and others playing. These images have been present on the mountain side for centuries.

There are some travel tips for you about the Yangshuo Hiking:

  1. Bring some water and food. There are some people would ask you to buy some water with a higher price on the way. You should ignore them. You need some food because the hiking can be physically demanding.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes which will be convenient for outdoor activities.
  3. Use sun block cream and a hat or cap would be handy to shield from the sun.

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