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The Most Popular Place in Yangshuo - Yangshuo West StreetIf you intend to travel to Yangshuo, you should not miss the famous street - Yangshuo West Street. It is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. The Yangshuo West Street is an extremely prosperous and busy hub for Yangshuo. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars which offer travelers to have a good rest, both physically and psychologically. The most popular things to do in Yangshuo are to taste famous snacks and walk along the street.

Yangshuo is a county in Guilin, Guangxi Province. Surrounded by landscape peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River, it is easily accessible by bus or boat from nearby Guilin. Yangshuo West Street is the beating heart of Yangshuo town. The street is regarded as the "Foreigners' Street" and also called as "Global Village". There are more than 1.5 million travelers who are from home and abroad every year.

Travel to Yangshuo and you will see many ancient buildings on the both sides of the Yangshuo West Street. Most of the ancient buildings have been changed into various shops, bars and hotels. All of these are the best places for recreation. By the way, you may be confused about the saying where the travelers can have a good rest both physically and psychologically. It is very calm and peaceful in the morning while it is trendy and modern in the evening. You can take part in some local activities in the Yangshuo West Street such as Taiji, calligraphy and Chinese chess. They are the popular things to do in Yangshuo West Street.

As mentioned before, Yangshuo West Street is easily accessible. Travelers can take bus from Guilin to Yangshuo, which will take you one hour. Getting of the bus, Yangshuo West Street is just a few minutes away by foot from the bus station at Yangshuo. Travelers also can take Li River cruise (about 4 hours) to get Yangshuo West Street from Guilin. It can be the best way to have sightseeing of the beautiful scenery along the Li River. Please look at 4 Day Guilin Yangshuo Hiking Tour for more information.

Restaurants in Yangshuo offer travelers delicious local food. There are many kinds of must try foods in Yangshuo such as Beer Fish. It is the most famous snack in Yangshuo West Street. You can find it in most of the restaurants in Yangshuo. The fresh fish which is from Li River is cooked in local beer with some local vegetables. Then the Beer Fish will be served as a whole. The fish tastes delicious although it contains bones. Here are some restaurants recommended to you: Lede French Restaurant, Red Star Express and Joko's Cafe.

Travel to Yangshuo West Street to experience the landscape, the people, the soul and yourself. Besides, the Yangshuo West Street will drive all of your pressures and burdens away and give you a calmer view of life. Have a great time and relax yourself in this wonderful place.

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