Xiling Snow Mountain – a winter paradise


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Xiling Mountain, also called "Xiling Snow Mountain", is one of the famous Sichuan attractions and was acclaimed "The Oriental Alpine"by tourist for its unique and spectacular snow view. Located in the Dayi County, 105 km. (about 65 mi. ) away from Chengdu, It is the nearest snow mountain and ski resort in China which is close to Chengdu.

It is also the largest and has best skiing facilities among all the ski resort in China's. Based on the primitive forest (90% coverage), Xiling Mountain is suitable to visit all the year round. Enjoy blooming flowers in spring, appreciate rushing waterfalls and escape heat in summer, view red leaves in autumn and the most popular activity will be skiing and the hot spring in winter.

Xiling Front Mountain and Back Mountain

There are Front Mountain and Back Mountain of Xiling Mountain, Front Mountain is suitable for climbing and hiking lovers, about 18 km. (about 11 mi.) long, it will takes you about 9 hours.

Along the way, you can see the scenery of Frog Pond and colorful waterfalls. When you stand on the top of the high mountain seeing the sea of cloud floating over your feet, gives you pleasure and excitement. 

The Back Mountain is the most popular and more exciting one. From late November to March it has snow fall with the thickness above 60 cm. (about 2 ft.). The Minimum temperature is about -6 ℃ ( 21 ℉) and is the warmest ski resort in the world. The snow on Xiling mountain won't melt all the year round, the vast expanse of snow field under the sunshine is beautiful and spectacular.

Play with snow on Xiling Mountain!

Take the cable car into the Sea of Cloud where the altitude is over 2,000 m.( about 6,562 ft. ), a vast of whiteness with dimly discernible mist and shreds of chill breeze over your face!

Just a short while, a golden light shines to you, you'll find yourself stand above the sea of cloud, in the blue sky, warm sunshine and a vast field of white snow in the distance. In front of the spectacular view, you'll heartily exclaim the magic of nature.

Second - Skiing in the open!

The skiing resort of Xiling Mountain is warmer in comparison of other snow resorts in the world, the snow field is soft. There are 2,000 sets of world-popular skiing equipment, 10 slides with international standard and it can accommodate 2,000 people skiing at the same time.

This indeed is one of the best ski resort in China. Skiing on the vast snow land, enjoy the pleasant sensation of rapid speed, strong feeling of conquer, fulfillment and excitement. As a part of the Sichuan attractions you can feel the pure and magnificent of nature giving you a wonderful feeling!

Third - Snow sports in Xiling Mountain!

Besides skiing, there are various snow sports activities in Xiling Mountain: snowmobiling, snow cubing, hot-air balloon, horse pulling sleigh, paragliding, etc.

All these kind of sports will make you experience more fun and exciting. This ski mountain is one the top Sichuan attractions for adventure lovers. All of these activities will show you the fun side of snow.

Come to the largest and best ski resort in china -- Xiling Mountain, apart from the skiing and snow sports, you can also enjoy yourself in the hot spring and have a nice experience! Xiling Mountain is a definite winter paradise for you, don't miss this fun place to enjoy yourself in the cold winter when you are in Sichuan! Besides Xiling Mountain other Sichuan attractions are Mt.Siguniang (Four Sisters) and Hailuogou Glacier which are also good places to see the amazing scenery and the grand snow in winter.

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