Xi'anyang Airport in Xi'an - one of the four largest airport in China


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Photo of China Airways at Xianyang International Airport
Xianyang Airport being one of China's largest airports, helps to make getting in and out of Xi'an!

The city has developed a modern transportation network incorporating road, rail and air travel. You can easily get there. It has a perfect transportation system to help you quickly start a Xi'an City Highlights Tour or just off to see the Terraccotta Soldiers. 

Xi'an is waiting for you! Located in the geographical center of China, Xi'an is regarded as an important communications hub for the western and the eastern parts of China along with Chengdu. 

A bus at Xianyang Airport in Xi'an China.

Xianyang airport is located 50 km. (31 mi.) from the city. As the fourth largest airport in China, it provides several flights to and from the major tourist stops such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Urumuqi and other cities.

Foreign tourists can get to Xi'an directly, because Xianyang airport is also connected to international flights to Hong Kong, Japan and Macau.

After arriving Xianyang airport, you can take Xi'an Airport Shuttle Bus to Xi'an attractions. It is a quick travel between the airport and the Xi'an Train Station or the Bell Tower or many other places. It is a lot less expensive to take shuttle buses. Because the airport taxis might be a little unreliable. The drivers may issue fake money, drive too fast or try to pull other scams. By taking shuttle buses you can avoid this for you. 

There are 7 shuttle bus routes:

  1. Shuttle Bus Line 1: Xianyang Airport - Bell Tower.
  2. Shuttle Bus Line 2: Xianyang Airport - Xi'an Railway Station.
  3. Shuttle Bus Line 3: Xianyang Airport - Xishaomen - Xi'an High Technology Development Zone.
  4. Shuttle Bus Line 4: Xianyang Airport - Tangcheng Hotel - Oriental Hotel - Big Wild Goose Pagoda.
  5. Shuttle Bus Line 5: Xianyang Airport - Xishaomen.
  6. Shuttle Bus Line 6: Xianyang Airport - Changba Ecological District.
  7. Shuttle Bus Line 7: Xianyang Airport - Xianyang City.

Transportation in Xian with a city taxi
Taxis are also another way to get Xi'an. Xi'an has two types of taxis: green taxis and black taxis.

The black taxis are much more expensive than the green taxis. Prices of green taxis: Starting (minimum) fare in the day time: 6 RMB/2 km; 1.5 RMB/per km. after the first 2 km. (1.2 mi.).

Prices of the black taxis: Starting (minimum) fare in the day time: 8 RMB/2 km.; 2.4 RMB/per km. after the first 2 km. (1.2 mi.). At night (23 p.m. - 6 a.m.), both of them will be more expensive than day time. 

As mentioned above, taxis in Xi'an are not as well regulated as in other big cities. Here are some tips for you to stay away from being tricked:

  1. Bring the destination written on paper in Chinese, because drivers cannot speak English.
  2. A way to stop driver's scam is writing down the driver's license number and license plate number.
  3. Carry small change with you. Because some bad drivers may ask you for another 100 Yuan after they change your 100 Yuan by fake one.
    Bicycles for Rent near Xianyang Airport
    Bicycles for rent near the Xi'an City Wall.

You also can choose trains, bicycles and subways as a way for getting around. With a reputation as "the Gateway to the West", the train is the key junction between the southwest and the northwest.

Xi'an is a good place for cycling. Renting a bike is very economical, and the bicycles can be rented everywhere.

The Ancient City Wall is the best place for riding bikes. Well, don't forget to bring some drinks with you when you are riding bikes, especially in a hot day.

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