Xi'an famous food guide


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There is an ancient Chinese remark still going around like this "Food is the paramount necessity of people." Food is one of the most important parts in your journey. Shaanxi Cuisine which is known as Qin Cuisine is the culinary representative in the northwest China. Especially, Xi'an has its own diversity and is proud of the unique cuisine. That will be the best described as a fusion of Middle Eastern and Chinese foods. Xi'an famous foods include the Liang Pi (Cold Skin), Mutton Paomo, Rou Jia Mo, Guan Tang Baozi, Xi'an Dumplings. Where could you find these Xi'an snacks? The Muslim Quarter is a good place to look for Xi'an restaurants.

The Muslim Quarter is one of the most popular attractions in Xi'an. The Xi'an snacks here attract a large number of tourists every day. The Muslim Quarter is so close to the Drum Tower that it is easy to find it. The restaurants here are serve their food in relatively cheap prices. You also can find many street foods here. It is mostly sold after sunset or near the night clubs after 11:00 PM. The street food offers a variety of local dishes, ranging from noodle soups, dumplings and hot pot. The area of street food has an incredibly strong scent mixed from all the surrounding kitchens and street food vendors all so close to each other. Most of these snacks and dishes can date back hundreds of years and each with their own story. 

Mutton Paomo is one of the signature dishes of the area. There is a saying: You must do two things when traveling Xi'an: One is to see the Terracotta Warriors and the other one is to taste Mutton Paomo. It consists of a piece of thick, chewy bread and a kettle of lamb soup. It will be better if the bread is shred into pieces which are as small as possible. Then it will look like a size of the peanut. In some restaurants, they have already shredded the bread for you. It is normally also served with pickled garlic and chili. If you do not like lamb, they will offer a beef version for you. 
Guan Tang Baozi is a kind of steamed buns served with sauces inside. It is one of most famous specialties and it is another Xi'an snack which highly recommended to try. A filling of ground beef and chopped vegetables are mixed with gravy before the paper-thin skin is sealed. It makes these dumplings delightfully juicy.
Xi'an Dumplings are also very delicious. They could not be missed by you. You may be surprised by the cooking methods which include steaming, boiling, pan-frying, deep frying and roasting. The dumplings taste differently when they use the different cooking methods. You can choose whatever you want. It is also because all of the indigenous meat and vegetables can be used for the dumplings' stuffing such as pork, mutton, beef as well as celery, radish, cabbages. Traveling in Xi'an, you can taste the food all over the Shaanxi.

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