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What could be more exciting and breathtaking than when you travel to Xi’an, especially when you climb for hours to the top of Mount Huashan. Places to see in Xi’an journey will begin with visit the magnificent Terracotta Warriors and the Xi’an landmarks – Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Then you will experience an unforgettable Mount Huashan excursion in one day. On the last day your guide will take you to Shaanxi History Museum and Xi’an City Wall to witness a rich Chinese history. If you are interested in the travel to Xi’an, please look at: Xi'an and Mount Huashan Tour.

The Steep Mount Huashan Attracts Travelers - Xi'an

Mount Huashan is the one of places worth to see in Xi’an and was considered one of the five great mountains in China. Mount Huashan is famous for its dangerous and steep cliffs which attracts many travelers who want to challenge themselves in this daring trek. During the climbing adventure, you shouldn’t miss the three most famous spots; they are Jade Spring Temple, Cloud Terrace Peak and Gold Lock Pass. All of them are regarded as the must-see places that will provide you a spectacular view as well as an exciting adventure. Also, travel on Mount Huashan by cable car is another good experience for you, which can save much time and energy to reach the top. Besides, pines of Mount Huashan have its own distinctive shapes that may draw you into lens of your camera.

Places to see in Xi'an - Splendid Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum is China’s first modernized national museum which is located at Xi’an. The museum’s building style is according to Tang Dynasty architecture which is why many tourists travel to Xi’an for the must-see attraction. This museum exhibit over 370,000 elaborate relics which vivid overview the thousands years of Chinese history and splendid ancient golden cultures. There are three Exhibition Halls inside museum where you can see different timeline of Chinese history one by one. If you plan to visit more places to see in Xi’an about Chinese history, please look at: Best Xi'an Tour.

Travel to Xi'an - Visit The Best Preserved Xi'an City Wall

You will see the best preserved and the oldest ancient city wall at Xi’an. Travel to Xi’an, Xi’an City Wall is a famous landmark and has a history of 600 years. In ancient times, the city wall was used to resist enemy and you can’t imagine that its ply is far more than its height. You can feel the magnificent and historical value when you climb up, as if you were witnessing the battle for the world between two countries. The most popular activity for Xi’an residents is take a bicycle ride on the Xi’an City Wall at early morning. If you want to join the wonderful cycling when you travel to Xi'an, then please look at: Travel to Xi'an and Luoyang Tour

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