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Wide and Narrow Alley - Chengdu
Wide and Narrow Alley in Chengdu comes right in when you are fed up with the modern chaos of Chengdu. It is one of the most distinct places to visit in Chengdu.

As a matter of fact, many consider that a journey is not complete without visiting this particular alley when travel to Chengdu.

Wide and Narrow Alley is close to People's park and it is one of  the well preserved streets in Chengdu. It's a wonderful place enjoy from the fast-paced lifestyle of Chengdu.

Take leisurely walks as most Chengdu residents do in their spare time. It is similar with Jinli Street yet you fill find the difference between these two places when you see it with your own eyes.

Wide and Narrow Alley, also known as Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi in Chinese. In fact, the whole architectures is designed to the Qing Dynasty era and it opened to public after renovation work between 2005 to 2008 A. D.

From  then on, Wide and Narrow Alley has become a historical and cultural Chengdu attraction. You can also will see the Ming and Qing Dynasty courtyard dwellings similar with Beijing's Wide and Narrow Alley. 

Wide and Narrow Alley is a combination of three parallel ancient streets: Kuan (wide) alley, Zhai (narrow) alley and Jing (well) alley. Generally, residents gives these three alleys unique features. Wide Alley are the place for you to experience Chengdu local leisure life where you can find numerous Chengdu snacks and elaborate handicrafts.

Narrow Alley is the slow life area that provides old-style courtyards with pubs, folk restaurants and theme houses; Jing Alley is the area of new life with bars and night inns. These fashionable entertainment places attracts travelers especially young folks.

While wandering on the flagstones, you'll see the Chinese specialists performance and sell their arts in little stalls. You can't miss how they make blow the sugar-coated figurine, they only use the sugar and make different shapes with their hands, such as delightful monkeys and vivid fish.

The 400 m. (1,312 ft.) long culture wall in Narrow Alley is a must-see, which records thousands years history of Chengdu. Many travelers regards it as a precious memorable Chengdu attraction and it's a great place to take photographs of this cultural alley.

Starbucks in Wide and Narrow Alley - Chengdu
Also, it's wonderful to try Starbucks in Wide and Narrow Alley, which is China's third largest outlet. When you walk inside, you'll find the typically Chinese style together with modern tables and chairs.

When you have a Chengdu tour you must see the Wide and Narrow Alley, which is like a living museum, travelers not only sip tea in traditional house while appreciating Sichuan Opera but can also relax in modern Spa. 

It's a good chance to eat Sichuan snacks in Wide and Narrow Alley, such as Liang Gao and Chun Juan to name a few. The are numerous shops selling embroidery products, handicrafts and calligraphy along the alley that makes it convenient to buy these souvenirs.

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