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Do you want to travel along the Silk Road? This journey will show you the main cities of the ancient Silk Road. Beijing is the China’s capital city, where you will have a brief stay to visit attractions such as The Forbidden City. The Silk Road travel really starts at Xi'an which is the most ancient capital. The Terracotta Warriors is one of the must visit Xi'an attractions and it has over 2,000 years of history. Dunhuang is the key city on the Silk Road where it has the most magnificent Mogao Grottoes. Turpan is China’s hottest city; you’ll appreciate the spectacular Flaming Mountains and wonderful Karez Well. Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang province where the beautiful Tianchi Lake is located. The final destination Kashgar has many famous attractions such as Apak Hoja Tomb, which is waiting for your visit. You may be interested in getting more information about Silk Road travel at: Visiting the Main Cities on the Silk Road Tour

All the mountains are red and hardly have any plants and it is extremely hot in the summer! This is Flaming Mountain, which is located at Turpan on the Silk Road tour. The legend says because of the Monkey King caused troubles in Heaven that kicked off a stove and the charcoals fall from the sky to where the Flaming Mountain now lies. Every summer when the sun shines, the mountain can reach up to 80 Degree Celsius (176 Degree Fahrenheit). Another amazing attraction is the Karez Well, which is an underground water system. If you want to see the wonderful Flaming Mountains along the silk road then please look at: Adventure Silk Road Tour for more information. 

Xi'an is the starting city on the Silk Road travel and it is also the most ancient capital city. It has to mentioned, the magnificent piece of architectural history in Xi’an - Terracotta Warriors. The fact that there are over thousands of warriors, war-horses and chariots are standing on the underground for protecting Emperor Qin Shihuang for more than 2,000 years. China’s first Emperor Qin wanted to rule an army in his afterlife, so that he started the monumental work to built his tomb when he was just 13 years old. Don’t forget to visit this one of must see Xi'an attractions, where you can find every warrior has a unique expression. If you want to find more about Xi'an attractions, then please look at: Best Xi'an Tour

Kashgar is the key city on the Silk Road tour which has the combination with diversity culture from home and abroad. The three most famous Kashgar attractions are Sunday Bazaar, Id Kah Mosque and Apak Hoja Tomb. The most featured place is Sunday Bazaar where it is filled with various things such as handicrafts as well as foreign products like crafts from Pakistan. In ancient times, the Sunday Bazaar only opened on Sunday. Even if you don’t want to buy anything in there, you can have a good time from seeing these beautiful products. Please get more information about Kashgar at: Best Photography Xinjiang Tour

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