Top things to see in Yading Nature Reserve park


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Located in Dacheng, Yading Nature Reserve Park is on the southwest border of Sichuan Province. Renowned as “the last Shangri-la”, Yading is absolutely a must visit when you travel to Shangri-la. With mysterious lamaseries, forests, pastures, snow-clad peaks, clear lakes and primitive Tibetan villages, Yading is within walking distance to Shangri-la. If you plan to travel to Yading, the top attractions in this should not be missed.

The three holy peaks and the three sacred lakes consist of the totally holy Yading land. The south peak Jampelyang (or Yangmaiyong in Chinese) is the avatar of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. The east peak Chanadorje (or Xianuoduoji) represents Vajrapani, the Bodhisattva of Wrath. The north peak Chenresig (or Xiannairi) is the highest peak, symbolizes Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Mercy. As the patron saint of the Tibetan, the three peaks attract hundreds of pilgrims and travelers each year. Splendid mountains with natural beauty and Buddhist meanings stand superbly under the sun and touch you with spectacular shapes.

The three scared lakes gives visitors with clean water and amazing scenery. The Five-color Lake changes its color wonderfully from green, bright blue to deep ocean blue according to the lights. You can enjoy sparkling water with five colors in the same day. The Milk Lake is a glacier-fed lake. Glacier from Jampelyang adds striking bright green color to the water in Milk Lake. Both Five-color Lake and Milk Lake are situated at the saddle between Jampelyang and the south face of Chenresig, with Chanadorje standing at the east range. The Pearl Lake is small but shimmering, with limpid water in the lake, you would be absorbed in the inverted reflection of trees, flowers and mountains.

Yading village is a picturesque and old Tibetan village, with a population only about 180 people who keep the traditional Tibetan culture and customs. Typical farmhouses are full of Tibetan architectural beauty, two or three stories high exquisite houses are colorful and comfy for living. Small houses, absorbing landscape and local animals makes Yading village tranquil and warm. All Tibetan cuisine can be found here, which are tasty. Hospitable local people treat visitors with cheap accommodations and delicious local food. House-renting is available in Yading village, which allow you to enjoy Tibetan cuisine and local family life. You can have a real Tibet tour here.

Chonggu Si, a small lamasery in Tibetan artistic style. The legend of this lamasery is so moving. An eminent monk Luoshang, in order to oblate the holy mountains and the advocate Buddha dharma, built the Chonggu. However, he peeved the Jinni as the digging soil. So the whole people in the town were punished by the Jinni. So as to relieve the punishments of all inhabitants, Luoshang begged the Jinni to put all the disaster on him alone. Jinni was touched by his mercy and removed all punishments on local people, but Luoshang died. Despite the impressive story, Chonggu Si is the only pass to see the three sacred mountains. Not as grand as other lamasery, Chonggu Si offers vivid frescos and exquisite sculptures as well. Visiting Chonggu Si can also provide you a entirely unique view of the Chenresig mountain. Plan a travel to Shangri-la with a stop a Yading Nature Reserve to enjoy all attractions.

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