Where to go during Chinese New Year in Chengdu?


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Next January 22 to 29 is public holiday in China to celebrate traditional Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival. This is the most important festival to Chinese people all over the world. As the year of the Rabbit comes to and end we all get ready to welcome the year of the Dragon.

For people traveling in and around China this week you will notice a more tranquil feeling as many restaurants and stores are shut down.

If you happen to be passing through my city of Chengdu and want to experience the traditional festival customs, integrate and share with local people. Then don't miss these following activities in Chengdu: 

  • Jan. 20 - Feb.19: Lantern fair In Tazishan Park
  • Jan. 23 - Feb. 29: New Year folk party in Wide Alley (Kuanzhai Alley) bar and cafe street
  • Jan. 23 - Feb. 29: Folk festival in Xi Lai ancient town
  • Jan. 23 - Feb. 29: Temple fair and fire dragon festival in Wenshu Folk Street
  • Jan. 20 - Feb.15: Jinsha Sun Festival in Jinsha Relic Museum
  • Jan. 20 - Feb. 6: Chengdu Poetry Festival in Dufu's Thatched Cottage
  • January to March: Southern China Ice Festival in Xiling Snow Mountain (outside of Chengdu City)

Have fun! :)



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