Tips on preparing to visit the Great Wall of China


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Avoid problems on your trip to the China's Great Wall- read this to get some helpful tips to have a great trip! Facts about the Great Wall that it's the only in China and a must-see scenery spot during Beijing tours. Anyone who takes tours China should not miss this. When you travel to the Great Wall, you'd better prepare well and a guide could tell you what to pack. Here are some must-know things to do in Beijing below, which may be helpful for your Beijing Great Wall trip.

A basic tip here is that most people who chooses to go hiking on the Great Wall will spend 2 hours or more. So it is important to be well prepared with food for energy and water to avoid dehydration. You can easily buy water and soda all along the great wall no matter it is Badaling, Jinshanling or Shixiaguan. However it is expensive to buy and it will be better if you take your own.

For snacks the choices on the Beijing great wall are often limited to cookies, which are expensive. If you are looking for something healthier for your hike then please bring packed food with you. Proper clothing is an important consideration when preparing for a travel to the Great wall. Anyone looking to hike should dress up with loose clothes and trainers. If you really want to be as fit as a local Beijing person then pack an umbrella to shield you from the sun along with a pair of dress shoes of high heels.

One more thing, your trip depends on the weather in Beijing. It is important to keep cool or warm, like Summer in Beijing Great Wall  is usually over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Wear sun screen and sunglasses to avoid ultraviolet radiation. Carry some medicine for emergency, the guide will also prepare for you all the necessary items. Don't forget your camera to catch all the memories during your Beijing Great Wall trip.

Anther tip here is to find a partner or guide who will encourage you to move forward, when you feel tired or stop hiking along the Great Wall. Tourist spots like Badaling Great Wall are usually full of people. If you want more photos are beautiful Great Wall scenery, arrive earlier about 7:00 AM. would be suitable.

Facts about the Great Wall is that different season provide variety of scenery. The preferable time is Spring and Autumn to travel to the Great Wall, also the weather in Beijing more suitable. The Winter would bitter cold. Summer is busy time and it also has natural forests like Mutianyu Great Wall. You  may look at WindhorseTour: Beijing 5 day Adventure for Active Travelers.

Things to do in Beijing. Before you travel to Great Wall, check the local weather forecast. It is better to travel light. After you read these, just take it easy and enjoy the Beijing Great Wall trip. For more information please click on WindhorseTour Beijing Tours: Beijing Highlights 4 Day Tour.

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