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Yunnan, which means " South of the colorful clouds", is a beautiful and fascinating province in southwest China. If you have ever taken a Yunnan Highlight Tour in China, you must know people can not only enjoy the picturesque landscapes, experience the different amorous feelings of the minority and also more you can taste the delicious Yunnan cuisine with local characteristic in the Yunnan restaurants when you travel to Yunnan. Yunnan cuisine is famous for its fresh and tender specialties. When you travel to Yunnan, the Cross-bridge rice noodle, steam-pot chicken and wild mushroom hotpot are the three must try Yunnan cuisine, because they are the most delicious and represents the local food's characteristic.

Cross-bridge Rice Noodle -- Cross-bridge Rice Noodle is a kind of nation-wide popular Yunnan cuisine in China, it is no exaggeration to say that the "Cross-bridge Rice Noodle" restaurants are around every city of China, of course the Cross-bridge Rice Noodle in Yunnan restaurant is the most authentic, don't miss this local Yunnan cuisine when you are taking a Yunnan Tour or travel to Yunnan. The Cross-bridge Rice Noodle mainly consists of delicate soup, tender meat and more than 30 kinds of seasonings, when you enjoy this special food, a small earthen pot with boiling and transparent chicken soup will be put in front of you, then you add different kinds of sliced meat, stir them gently and then put the rice noodle into the pot, you can also add different kinds of vegetables and seasonings according to your own favorites. Food with different color in the pot reflect each other and it tastes very delicious.

Steam-pot Chicken -- The Steam-pot Chicken is a unique traditional Yunnan cuisine when you travel to Yunnan and it is also a must try during your Yunnan Tour. It spread over from the south of Yunan area since the Qing dynasty. The steam pot is oblate, always brown or reddish brown buckpot, the special part is that there is a projecting and hollowly small mouth in the center of the pot's bottom, the vapour will surge into the pot when you steam the chicken, that's why this Yunnan cuisine is named "steam-pot chicken". Put the fresh chicken with seasonings into the pot, cover with the lid, then put the pot into a soup boiler. The chicken is steamed with vapor, even the filling soup is condensed steam, in this way, the chicken will be extremely tender and delicate, most importantly it is rich in nutrition. Now, people always choose rare tonic herbs such as the notoginseng, American Ginseng, tricholoma matsutake to steam together with the chicken for nourishing.

Wild-mushroom Hot pot -- You'll know that the wild-mushroom hot pot is a kind of very popular Yunnan cuisine. When you travel to Yunnan, there are so many kinds of  nutritional wild-mushrooms. So when you travel to Yunnan you must have a try of the local fresh wild-mushrooms, especially some newly picked after the rain. Don't forget to taste the hot pot soup after you have a feast of wild mushrooms, that will be definitely be natural and fresh.

Travel to Yunnan and enjoy the feast of Yunnan cuisine, you won't disappointed at the famous Cross-bridge rice noodle, the be unique steam-pot chicken and the delicate wild-mushroom hot pot. "The Ancient city autumn moon pavilion bar" -- "Guchengqiuyuege" in Lijiang Ancient Town, the steam-pot chicken restaurants --"Fuzhaolou Qiguo " restaurant in Kunming near the airport and The Lijiang Flavor -- "Lijiang Ziwei"  in Lijiang are good Yunnan restaurants to taste the local Yunnan cuisine.

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