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You should not miss the chance to see the Leshan Giant Buddha when you're on a Chengdu tour. Leshan City is an hours drive from Chengdu and it is known as the Leshan Giant Buddha. The Buddha is located where the three rivers of Min river, Dadu river and Qingyi river meet (three of them flows into Yangtze River). In the busy season, the entrance fee is fixed at 90 RMB. Similarly with Chengdu's weather, Autumn will be a better time to visit. 

Due to the three rivers, which causes the dangerous fast-flowing water here, the government of Tang dynasty ordered to build the Buddha to pray peace for the boats. The work to build the Giant Leshan Buddha started in 713 A. D. and it took 90 years to complete. Why was the Giant Buddha built in there? A tale spread in Leshan city: long long ago, once the boats passes through the intersection of three rivers, the monster who lived inside the river will cause trouble by raising the tides, many died by this dangerous behavior. However, a monk called Hai Tong used a spell to repel the attack from the monster when he arrived Leshan. In order to keep peace forever, Hai Tong organized the natives to build the Leshan Giant Buddha. 

You can't imagine that a statue will close it's eyes, but certainly it happened with the Leshan Giant Buddha. In 1962, millions people who died of famine floated in front of the Buddha, after one night, natives were surprised as the Buddha closed its eyes even though it is usually open (the image is shown below). When you see the bright light around a 

Leshan Giant Buddha's head, you are lucky because in Buddhism this is auspicious sign all your pray may come true! 

Visitors always walk along the Lingyun plank road which has 217 steps to the giant Buddha at the bottom. It's also better to see the Buddha from up close than to take a boat and look at it from a distance. Just don't forget take photos of the Leshan Giant Buddha. Before you leave Leshan city, it is highly to recommend to tasty local food - Cold Pot Fish (冷锅鱼 Lěng Guō Yú). WindhorseTour can organize you visit to visit Leshan Giant Buddha when you travel to Chengdu.

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