Jiuzhaigou National Park– a photographer’s paradise


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Jiuzhaigou Valley, Famous as "The Fairy World " for its picturesque water scenery all over the world, is a must place when you travel to Sichuan. At an altitude of above 2,000 m. (about 6,562 ft.), Jiuzhaigou Valley is full of primitive forests, distributing 108 colorful and mirror-like lakes. With the stunning scenery, the fairy world - Jiuzhaigou National Park attracts millions of people here and especially being the photographer's favorite spot, it is also renowned as the "Photographer‘s Paradise". If you want to take good photos, come to Jiuzhaigou National Park and you'll have a good harvest.

There are three valleys opened for tourists in Jiuzhaigou National Park: Shuzheng Valley, Zechawa Valley and Rize Valley.

The first photographing site in Shuzheng Valley is the Reed Lake, bunches of thick reed bushes are like a broad reed sea in your view, the "sea" swaying right and left along with the breeze, like green waves up and down, a really spectacular sight for you! What's special, in the middle of the "Reed lake", a flowing river winds its way through the reeds, like a jade belt to divide the Reed lake into two parts. This river is called the "Jade-belt River" for its almost same color and luster with the Jade. A good time to shoot the beautiful scenery of "the Reed Lake" will be from a high hill (about 10 m. or 32 ft.) which is in a sharp turn place to right in the road, after 9:00 AM. in a summer autumn, the sunshine just over shines on it. Moving forward along the Shuzheng Valley from the Reed Lake, there are many other attractions worthy of your shooting, such as: Sparks Sea, Rhinoceros Lake, Nuorilang waterfall - the most natural ones in China.

The five-colored Pond is the essence of Zechawa Valley, like a huge sapphire hidden in the dense and verdant forest. And it is also the smallest but most gorgeous pool in Jiuzhaigou Valley. In the pond there are different kinds of water plant species, like spirogyra, stonewort, fern and so on. These aquatic plants contain different depth of chlorophyll and turn out different colors in the calcareous lake water. So, you can see that some of the water area is blue, some area is light green, while other areas maybe yellow or olive-green, etc. Magic transformations make you startle at this stunning scenery. What is the most mysterious and amazing thing is that the five-colored pond never freezes even in the snowy and icy winter. Besides the five-colored pond, the "Long Sea" (The largest lake in Jiuzhaigou Valley) and white birch forest are good scenery for taking photgraphs too.

There are also many beautiful scenery in Rize Valley for shooting. Such as: The Mirror Lake, Pearl Beach Waterfall, Lake and the Swan Lake. The Pearl Beach waterfall is 200 m. (656 ft.) wide and it rushes into the bottom of the valley, with the thunderous roaring, rolling up thousands heaps of waves. Its falls can achieve nearly 40 m.(131 ft.), very grand and majestic. The color of this rapids is white but looks like a little bit light green, it is the most gorgeous waterfall, the most fierce water flow and with the loudest water sound compared with all the other rapids of Jiuzhaigou Valley. One episode of the Chinese famous TV series (Journey to The West) was once filmed here.The best time to shoot the Pearl Beach Waterfall will be from the 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during this period, the sunshine is just slanting over the waterfall, later time, the waterfall maybe leaving in the shadow.

Jiuzhaigou National Park is picturesque all year round, you can certainly get a good work here with your camera. Come here - Jiuzhaigou National Park when you travel to Sichuan, it is not only the paradise for photographer, it is also the paradise for all the tourists.

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