Jiuzhaigou National Park- a paradise in Sichuan


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Jiuzhaigou National Park - Popular Attraction in Sichuan

You may have heard of Jiuzhaigou National Park, which is regarded as the only natural fairyland in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, hiking and savoring dreamlike scenic spots and abundant natural reserves. Jiuzhaigou Valley ("gou" means "valley" in Mandarin) is composed by 9 Tibetan Villages. Jiuzhaigou travel is a must place for people who are visiting in Sichuan. Such a fantastic land is surely one stop we cannot miss. For more information about Sichuan World Heritage Sites, please look at WindhorseTour's World Heritages Sichuan Tour.

Jiuzhaigou Valley - Beautiful Place To See in Sichuan
Jiuzhaigou Valley gets its name for the existence of the nine Tibetan Villages. Want to know more about Jiuzhaigou tours, please look at WindhorseTour's Jiuzhaigou Zharu Valley Eco-Tour By Air. Located in the southwest of Sichuan Province and bordering the Qinghai - Tibetan Plateau, it is 2,000 m. (6,561 ft.) high above the sea level and tourists can take a bus directly from Chengdu. It is famous for the holy mountains, clean water and the unique valleys, 108 lakes together with the vast virgin forests, making the place a wonderland on the earth.

Seen from far, your first sight of Jiuzhaigou National Park is caught by the snow peaks, which are sparking in the blue sky and looks like a tall soldier guarding this land. When going deeper, you will be presented with the picturesque landscape of blue lakes, waterfalls, verdant forests and the snow-covered mountains, which gives tourists an affirmation that you would have made a good choice for your Jiuzhaigou travel. Tourists generally take a tour to Huanglong Scenic Area along with Jiuzhaigou Valley, for more information about Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou tour, please refer to WindhorseTour's Jiuzhaigou National Park and Huanglong Tour By Bus.

Part of your Jiuzhaigou travel will include sightseeing the different Jiuzhaigou valleys and getting lost in the beauty of this incredible paradise in Sichuan. Most people living in Jiuzhaigou Valley are Tibetans and their unique cultures add enchantment for this beautiful land. Walking in the villages, you will see some beautiful Tibetan girls in their colorful costume singing beautiful songs or selling some local goods along your way, giving you a tranquil feeling that they are in a virgin land without any disturbance or pollution.

Jiuzhaigou Travel - Autumn Of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan

Actually, Jiuzhaigou travel has long been a classical travel route for tourists in China. Jiuzhaigou National Park is enchanting with different scenic spots in different time of a year. The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is autumn, when it is the most splendid season in a year. It is featured by the colorful autumn leaves, forests which reflects in sparkling lakes and a bright clear sky. The temperature changes a lot in a day so if you come here, please remember to bring your warm clothes. An umbrella is necessary since it often rains here.

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