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Mount Huangshan or Yellow Mountain, is located in Huangshan city, south of Anhui province and it is one of the featured mountains in China. In 1985, it was recruited to the top ten scenic areas in China and in December 1990 it was written in to the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Yellow Mountain is the first mountain in China that was recruited as the double heritages - the cultural heritage and the natural heritage site. If you plan to travel to China, Mount Huangshan must be a destination in your itinerary. For more information about Mount Huangshan tour, please look at WindhorseTour’s Picturesque Tour of China.

The four excellent parts of Mount Huangshan are Odd Pine Trees, Odd Stones, Sea of Clouds and Hot Springs. Maybe due to this reason that Zhangjiajie Scenic Area is also located in Anhui province, somehow the two scenic attractions are resemble to each other in the mountains' skylines. For more information about Zhangjiajie Scenic Area, please look at WindhorseTour's Two National Park Reserves Tour in Jiuzhaigou & Zhangjiajie. Tourists who travel to China to the Yellow Mountain are not clear about the different scenes of Huangshan in different seasons. Here take autumn and winter scenery as examples to give tourists who would love to travel to China during these two seasons.

Autumn (September to November in China) is a great season to visit in Huangshan. If we use a Chinese phrase to best define the scene, which is called 浓妆艳抹 (nóng zhuāng yàn mǒ, meaning the highlighted colorful scene), autumn of Yellow Mountain is a three-dimensional book – the green pine, blue stone, maples, yellow coloring chrysanthemum and much more… just forming a splendid picture that tourists desire to see it at most. Besides, autumn is the best time to see the sea of clouds.

Winter of Mount Huangshan is a wonderland just like in Jiuzhaigou in winter, completely a fairytale world. For more information about Jiuzhaigou tour, please look at WindhorseTour's Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Park Tours. One Chinese phrase 银装素裹 (yín zhuāng sù guǒ, meaning that the winter land is decorated by silver clothes) can also best describe this spectacular scene – full of ice snowflakes falling on the leaves, just like pieces of pure white of the ice carvings. This moment, you can watch one fantastic scene called Foggy Pine, transparent, still or flowing, presenting tourists a totally wondeful experience. Every year, countless travelers and tourists  travel to China to Yellow Mountain to see the attractive winter scenery. Just take a tour and travel to China to Mount Huangshan…

The annual average temperature is 8 Degrees Celsius (46 Degrees Fahrenheit), up to 27 Degrees Celsius (80 Degrees Fahrenheit) in summer and below to –22 Degrees Celsius (71 Degrees Fahrenheit) in winter, belonging to the subtropical monsoon climate. Mount Huangshan is a famous summer resort and the national scenic area. Actually, Huangshan is welcoming you all year round, different scenes in four featured seasons. If the weather is sunny, you can watch the odd pine trees and stones. You can watch the sea clouds in cloudy, listen to the pine’s big wave when the wind is blowing. Mount Huangshan awaits your!

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