China places not to miss when visiting


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With its rich history, unique culture and natural scenery, China has become one of the most popular destinations among travelers from all over the world. Which places would you not to miss visiting in China? Your answer definitely would be The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Summer Palace. They are surely the right answers, but there are still some other wonderful scenic spots to visit. China is the largest country in Asia and its landscape is vast and diverse. You can't miss these places!

No. 1 Beijing -  No matter what you like, I suggest Beijing, just because you can't  go to China without seeing the Great Wall. Beijing was once called Peking. As the capital of the country, it is the most famous city in China. Beijing is universally acknowledged for its history and culture. It is one of  the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. The other three are Nanjing,  Luoyang and Xi'an. Because of its unique history, there are many amazing attractions in Beijing. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. 

The Summer Palace, located northwest of Beijing, was included in World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998. It is acknowledged as "a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design" and a very popular travel destination. The Summer Palace is mainly dominated by Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake. It covers an area of  2.9 sq. km. (1.8 sq. mi.) and three quarters of  the palace is water.

No. 2 Shanghai - Shanghai cannot rival Beijing in cultural heritage, but its various modem architecture styles give the charm of  its own. Shanghai is located on the Yangtze River Delta in east China. As the main  industrial center of China, Shanghai has the largest and busiest port in China. Besides its economic development, this city has become one of most famous places for travelers from around the world. There are many renowned attractions in Shanghai: The Bund, City God Temple and Yuyuan Garden, as well as the skyscrapers in Pudong.

The Bund is recognized as the most famous architectural symbol of Shanghai. Just like you can’t go to Beijing without visit The Great Wall, you can’t go to Shanghai without visiting The Bund. Located in central Shanghai, The Bund runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River. As the financial and political center Shanghai, you can find many different styles of historic buildings there.

No. 3 Guilin - Guilin is well known for its unique natural scenery. It's far away from the maddening crowd! Throw all your pressures or troubles away, enjoy the beauty of nature. Guilin literally means "forest of Sweet Osmanthus" because the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees in the city. There is a popular saying "East or West, Guilin scenery is the best". You won't want to miss the dream-like sights in Guilin. Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River, and the Rice Terraces in Longsheng.

The Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. It got its name because the shape of the hill. Located on the western bank of Li River, it just looks like an elephant dipping its trunk in the river. The round hole under the trunk is known as Water-Moon Cave. At night, people can see the reflection of moon through the arch and enjoy the moon in the sky at the same time. It's romantic and amazing!

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