The best time to visit the Great Wall in Beijing


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The Great Wall in Beijing is a beautiful place to visit all year round. Every season has its' own uniqueness that makes your visit to this stunning monument of Chinese engineering worthwhile. When you visit the Great Wall, you will see unforgettable scenery and truly be touched.

The 4 seasons offer any traveler to China a distinct scenery of The Great Wall? Let us, your local experts/China travel agency, help you decide when is the best time to plan your visit.

Spring Travel To The Great Wall 

China Great Wall In the Fall
A view of the Great Wall In the Fall.

It's the time that the trees and plants come to life in the Great Wall. Spring here is always mild. The delightful temperature makes it pleasant to climb up the Great Wall.

Every thing looks fresh, also it is less crowded in this season in the Great Wall in Beijing.

Come to visit the Great Wall in Spring,  for it will be more comfortable and refreshing.

In general, the temperature in Spring ranges from 10 to 25 Degrees Celsius (55 to 77 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Summer Travel To The Great Wall

This is the hottest time of the year and it is most crowded. However, you may be charmed by the blooming and colorful plant adorned in the Summer on The Great wall.

Under the blue sky and embraced by sunshine, the Great Wall in Beijing is like a dragon wearing sliver armor.

The expected temperature now is 25 Degrees Celsius (77 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Autumn Trips To The Great Wall

It's an amazing landscape when the entire Great Wall in Beijing is covered in red. That's because some leafs turn into red in Autumn. 

Autumn is the most pleasant time to visit the Great Wall. It always has a cool temperature of 10-20 Degrees Celsius (50-68 Degrees Fahrenheit Degree).

Winter Travel To The Great Wall Of China

A winter view of China's National Treasure

A trip to The Great Wall during the winter often offers you a tranquil environment.

You can see snow covered trees, paths and watchtowers.

The expected temperature in winter is between 0-10 Degrees Celsius (32-50 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Each of the 4 seasons of  the Great Wall in Beijing has it's own unique features.

You can choose to visit the Great Wall whenever you want. Don't forget to take your camera when you travel to Great Wall, and be ready to capture impressive photos for memory. 

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