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Tibet is a hot tourism spot with magical landscapes, surprising creatures and simple people. Enjoying remarkable tourism attractions, tasting scrumptious Tibetan food, watching exotic creatures and learning Tibetan culture are all meaningful things to do in Tibet when you travel to Tibet. Book a Tibet tour from WindhorseTour's Lhasa City to Namtso Lake Tour, you can get splendid sights of Tibet. However, which season is the best time to visit Tibet? This will show you the best time to visit Tibet and top Tibet attractions during each season.

The peak season for travel to Tibet is from May to October, while August is the best time to visit Tibet. During this season, the weather is nice and the air is fresh. Blossoming Sims azaleas have a sense of blessedness and troops of Tibetan antelopes eat grass leisurely. Almost all Tibet festivals are celebrated in the peak season. Among those festivals, the Horse Race Festival, Shoton Festival and the Karma Dunba (shower festival) are the most interesting ones. Lots of Tibetan attractions hold Horse Race Festival, so you can join any one when you travel to Tibet. During the Horse Race Festival, you can appreciate exciting horse racing and consummate horsemanship. The Litang Horse Racing Festival Tour is a typical tour, which enable you to enjoy the beauty of Litang, the fierce horse racing and Tibetan performances.

Shoton Festival is also called a festival to eat yogurt in Tibet. Tibetan people will prepare the best yogurt for this festival, besides delicious Tibetan yogurt, Tibetan opera and Buddha Drying (a Buddhist ceremony) are also main parts of the festival. Karma Dunba is known as shower festival, when all Tibetan people take shower in lakes during this festival. They will bring tents, foods and outfits to the banks and stay for couples of days beside the lakes and they think taking shower in lakes during these days can make themselves be more intelligent and healthy. During the peak season, all lakes are more beautiful under sunshine. Clean and shimmering waters, severe pilgrims, and groups of yaks make a large picture. A Lhasa City Tour enables you enjoy all top attractions in Lhasa.

The slack season to travel to Tibet is from November to April, because of the cold weather. Although less visitors travel to Tibet during this season, you can also get a unique experience when you travel to Tibet this time. Magnificent snow mountains and frozen lakes are fantastic. You can celebrate the Tibetan New Year with local people during this season, which is one of the most important festivals for Tibetan people. You can choose a Tour From Lhasa to Kathmandu via E.B.C, you can visit both Tibet and Kathmandu at the same time. 

There are some intriguing things to do in Tibet when

you travel to Tibet. If you go Tibet during the season which is the best time to visit Tibet, celebrating the unique Tibetan Festivals with local people is recommended. Shopping special Tibetan souvenirs, tasting authentic Tibetan food and hiking among pilgrims are things you must do in Tibet. What’s more, appreciating a debate of Lamas and watching a Tibetan opera can add more fun to your tour.

When you travel to Tibet, whether at the best time to visit Tibet or not, you can book a tour from your China travel agency, WindhorseTour. If you want to travel around Lhasha, the Lhasa Highlights Tour to Lhasa and Namtso Lake can take you to the holy Namtso Lake. Plan a nice trip and enjoy the remarkable Tibet, of course, you should go at the best time to visit Tibet to enjoy and have more funs when you travel to Tibet.

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