Visit the fantastic Munigou Park in Sichuan Province


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Munigou Park - As one of the most popular Sichuan attractions, it is situated in the Songpan county of Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, about 300 km. (186 mi.) away from Chengdu - Sichuan's capital city. It belongs to the famous Huanglong Scenic spot and the most attractive and famous landscapes in Munigou Park are Er'daohai Lake and the Zhaga Waterfall.

Zhaga Waterfall in Munigou

Zhaga Waterfall

Zhaga Waterfall is 108 m. (about 354 ft.) high and 35 m. (about 115 ft.) wide, it is the highest calcium waterfall in China. It is multi-layer and fold waterfall, the roaring turbulent surges like ten thousand horses galloping, very majesticly.

The waterfall pours down from the stone steps, gleaming and colorful under the sunshine, it looks so gorgeous and spectacular! At the sides of Zhaga Waterfall, there are lush forests. It seems that the towering dense is guarding the waterfall, they are always together.

The geologists have identified that Zhaga Waterfall as both a liquid and solid waterfall. The solid waterfall refers that the whole waterfall bed is a calcium body, the calcium body is like colorful liquid pouring down, while the water on the Calcium body is clear and transparent. So it is also reputed as "The  Chinese First Waterfall".

Er'daohai Lake 

Er'daohai is the largest lake and a key scenic spot in Munigou Park. The water's colors of Er'daohai transform gradually from near and far, light to dark, light blue to dark blue, the surrounding cliff  together with verdant pine trees, reflect in the clear blue lake, the earth and sky reverse upside down in a trance, such a dazzling landscape.

The Er'daohai Scenic Spot is a long and narrow gully lurks in the towering primitive forests, from Zhaga Waterfall here, you can walk, take a car or by horse trekking to this place.

Erdaohai Lake in Mounigou

The fantasy and quiet Er'daohai scenic spot wins the favor of various tourists for its colorful mountains and lakes, lush primitive forests, the smoky hot springs and the calcified cave. In the Er'daohai Valley, there are also Three' daohai, four'daohai....More than 400 lakes in the Er'daohai Scenic Spot in all, some hidden in the dense, some revealed under the blue sky, various sizes and shapes.

There are also other amazing and beautiful lakes in the Er'daohai scenic spot like The Swan Lake : with swan-liked shape, you can always see wild geese flying low over this lake; The Ginseng Lake: the calcifications precipitated in the bottom water like a huge Ginseng, the roots can be see clearly;

Famous Pearl Lake: with a high temperature even in the frozen winter, here you can enjoy the hot spring. All these lakes are like pearls and gems under the blue sky, you will surely be overwhelmed by these dazzling beautiful scenery. What's special, Er'daohai is a good place for horse trekking, there is one-to-one guide service during your horse trekking tour, this is definitely an unique and thrilling experience for you.

Come and visit Munigou Park, here you can enjoy gorgeous lake scenery, lush primitive forests, the first waterfall in China, have the most unique and thrilling horse trekking experience, and so on. It contains the features of  both Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Park , but more tranquil than Jiuzhaigou National Park, what's more, it won't freeze in the icy and snowy winter and it deserves your visit.

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