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Travel Insurance

Please make sure to purchase your international standard of travel insurance coverage before your departure for this trip.

In China, each legitimate travel agency takes the responsibility to have Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance. This covers unforeseen situations due to the fault of the agency. Thus the cost of damage or the injury to travelers will be compensated by the insurance policy. Note that Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance does not cover damages caused by the faults of the visitors themselves. In this case, travelers should consider buying other insurance for their protection in case some unpredicted situations arise.

Ships of the Yangtze River Cruises usually provide passengers with Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance, which is included in the ship's passage. However, you can choose to buy additional insurances by paying extra money for them.

Health Requirement

A cruise can be quite demanding and it is vital that you are fit and healthy if you are to enjoy yourself and participate to the full. It should be noted that not all ports along the navigation route have adequate facilities for the disabled and there can be some problems in coping with wheelchairs. We recommend that travelers give full consideration to their health status and if in any doubt consult their medical practitioners prior to planning a cruise.

Some ship companies have special terms for health requirements, for example it is stipulated by the operators of the cruise ship Victoria that those who are either physically or psychologically disabled must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is 21 years of age or over. Women who are three months or more pregnant should not cruise, etc. Written applications should be made to the cruise ship company if special medical or other facilities are needed, before making a reservation on the ship.

There are various activities involved either on the cruise ships or along the shore. Excursions on Shennong Streams or other rivers are an exciting experience but please take any necessary precautions to avoid being seasick. However, if you are in a sound state there should be nothing to worry about. Do not over indulge yourself and remember that a good night's sleep and a healthy diet will help to combat any discomfort you may encounter. Consult your doctor, if in doubt, before the cruise and be sure to bring any medication you may require along with.

Travel Documents

When traveling abroad, make sure to have a valid passport and any necessary visas. Have all such documents ready to hand should you need to produce them and above all do take special care of them.

When cruising, there are some specific documents that you should keep securely. Make sure your ship passage and the boarding certificate as well as visa or passport are ready for checking when joining your ship, otherwise, you could be refused to board. Once on board you will be issued with an embarkation card that will enable you to make credit purchases during the voyage. It also acts as your identification card to enable you to return on board from excursions ashore. This card is to be handed back when you settle your account and disembark at the end of your cruise.

You will have arranged travel insurance prior to the start of your tour and you should have the policy documents with you should you need to claim during the course of your trip. While every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and that of your property accidents can happen and by having your documents to hand it is possible to ensure prompt attention in the event of any problems.

It is recommended that you bring photocopies of important documents such as your passport, etc. in case the originals be lost or stolen.

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