What will we do for the panda voluntering work?


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 All the volunteers will have a short trainning before they start to work. And there is one panda keeper would become your teacher, and please do the work follows by the teacher.

The assistant of panda keeper.
a). Clean the bedroom and the garden for the giant panda.
c). Prepare food, such as carrot, apples, panda bread and biscuit. Also carry the bamboo. 
d). Sometimes you should help the scientists to collect the behavior data. 
e). Sometimes, you should help the veterinary to do the medicine care for the panda.

The clerk of Panda Club
a). The typist, help the staff type the documents.
b). The translator, translate the web pages, and some daily documents.
c). The web designer, help the staff design and develop the website.

The interpreter of panda garden
a). Introduce the giant panda research, such as: the breeding, hand-rearing, Husbandry, enrichment and so on.
b). Introduce the giant panda research cooperation, such as: with The States, Japan, Austria, Thailand and so on, also the development of all of these co-operations.
c). Introduce all the giant pandas, the different habit, behavior, experience of each giant panda.
d). Introduce all the buildings and their function. 
e). Tell the stories of the giant panda for the visitors.

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