Shuzheng Valley


The Most Photographed Place In Shuzheng Valley - Spark Lake

Shuzheng Valley is the main valley in Jiuzhaigou National Park. Over 40 lakes which are located in Shuzheng Valley makes it look like natural mirrors, representing 40% of all the lakes in Jiuzhaigou National Park. While you are walking in the Shuzheng Valley, you will feel as if you were in a picturesque Chinese ink painting because of the clean water, fresh air, blue sky and white clouds.

An Amazing Place To Visit In Shuzheng Valley - Nuorilang Waterfall

The major attractions in Shuzheng Valley are:

  • Double-Dragon Lake
  • Bonsai Beach
  • Nuorilang Waterfall
  • Rhinoceros Lake

You also can visit Reed Lake, Spark Lake and Shuzheng Waterfall as well when you travel to Jiuzhaigou. All of them are the famous scenic spots and best photography places within the Shuzheng Valley. When you travel here, you will be able to taste the local specialties such as Roast Whole Lamb, Yak-butter Tea and Yak Beef.

The Most Beautiful Lake In Shuzheng Valley - Reed Lake
Nuorilang Waterfall, is one of the defining symbols of the Jiuzhaigou National Park, is the broadest waterfall in Jiuzhaigou National Park, in fact the broadest highland waterfall in all China.

The four seasons are very different in Shuzheng Valley. Take Reed Lake for example: In spring and summer, the water is as verdurous as flourishing reeds and overflowing with vigor. In autumn and winter, golden reeds greet the eye everywhere. When you travel to Jiuzhaigou National Park, you should not miss the Reed Lake with it's amazing scenery.

Wonderful Place To Visit In Shuzheng Valley - Double-Dragon Lake
September and October are the best time to visit Shuzheng Valley for travelers. The forests take on attractive yellow, orange and red hues in the autumn, making that season a popular one for travelers. It's very easy to reach Shuzheng Valley. Taxi and shuttle bus can take you to Shuzheng Valley. In a word, Shuzheng Valley is the must-visit place when you travel to Jiuzhaigou National Park.

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