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At an average elevation of 3800 meters, Daocheng, also called 'Dabpa' in Tibetan, is located in Southwest Sichuan, close to the border of Northwest Yunnan. Although Daocheng is renowned for Yading's spectacular mountain scenery, the scenery around Daocheng is also worth seeing. The attractive wild river valley and hills hide a number of splendid Tibetan monasteries, natural sites. Local Tibetan farmers still live in their own culture and lifestyle.

Things around Daocheng
Hongcaodi (Red Glass Lake): A lovely lake fringed by red bushes, located half way between Sangdui and Daocheng.

Rupuchaka Hot Springs: 4km outside Daocheng. You can go there either by walking or by taxi. Sometimes when water is in short supply at hotels in Daocheng, travelers go to Rupuchaka for a hot-spring bath. It was reported that many cockroaches were found in the bathroom. Avoid going there during the night when cockroaches are extremely active, and can be found everywhere, even in your clothes and shoes. Believing in Buddhism, local Tibetans do not bother to eliminate them.


  • Bangpu Si:  Built in the 12th century and located 1km north of Sangdui along the main road. 
  • Zhujie Si:  South of Sangdui, 18km north of Daocheng. 
  • Xiongdeng Si:  10km northeast of Daocheng, at an elevation of 4105 meters. 
  • Rewu Si:  South of Daocheng, built on a slope.
  • Gongling Si (Konkaling):  Built in the 15th century and located 62km south of Daocheng along the road to Yading. It is the biggest monastery in Daocheng.


Sofia Harris
Sofia Harris
Thu, 01/02/2014

We are a group of 8, and will like to do daocheng and tibet together
It is possible to do so?
Understand that September will be a good period to visit Daocheng, if not, any suggestion?
We also will like to have a trip, so called "private", which is only cater for us
Can you suggest something? and how many days do we need to have both done at one time
or we should go in 2 separate trips.
We want a chinese speaking guide


Replied by
Murphy Feng
Murphy Feng
Fri, 01/03/2014

In reply to by Sofia Harris (not verified)

Hi Sofia,

Thanks for contacting us. We'd love to help you organize a private trip as you requested, and it's possible to visit Daocheng and Tibet together in one trip, but that also depends on which places you'd like to visit in Tibet and how many days you totally have for this trip. Or you can just tell me your main interests and I would draft a tentative tour proposal for your reference.

I just sent you an email with more details for your reference, hope that's helpful and I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.

Kind Regards,


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