Hukou Waterfall


Hukou Waterfall

Stand beside the bank to be overwhelmed by the one and only magnificent yellow waterfall! Watching it roaring and rolling on will amaze you at once - feel the magic power and irresistible charm of nature.

Where is this majestic waterfall? What makes the waterfall so awesome? Read on travel tips on its location, not to miss views, ticket price, opening time and more.

Hukou Waterfall is located at the intersection of Shaanxi and Shanxi Province, 387 km. (240 mi.) away from Taiyuan city and 449 km. (279 mi.) to the east of Xi'an City and 170 km. (106 mi.) from Yan'an city.

Covering an area of 60 (23 sq.mi.), it is the largest waterfall on the Yellow River and the second largest one in China, after the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province.

Hukou Waterfall is naturally formed when water in the middle reaches of Yellow River flows through Jinxia Grand Canyon and is blocked by mountains on both sides.

The water then speeds up with strong water power and rushes through the narrow mouth, forming a fall of 30,000 sq.m. (322,917 sq.ft.) with a depth of 50 m. (164 ft.) and looking as if water is pouring down from a teapot.

Below Hukou Waterfall there is a shining stone named Guishi. It got its name from the fact that moves up and down according the water level and what makes it really mysterious is that it always remains at least partly visible however large the water volume is.

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One also worth mentioning wonderful view is that the moment the water meets the rock, a cloud of mist created by its strong force rise from the bottom along with countless droplets as if water is boiling in a pot.

Moreover, the gorgeous rainbow formed by mist refracted by the sunlight spanning over a bridge beneath the waterfall is also a view out of the world.

Final travel tips for you: Hukou Waterfall opens from 8:00 to 18:00 and the ticket price is 91 RMB (15 USD). Visiting the grand waterfall is surly a once in a life experience!

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1) what is bus schedule time from hukou to yanan?
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