West Loop Line Construction of Hainan Has Been on Its Schedule


According to Hainan Daily Newspaper(Sep 28),  After a 4 days discussion of over one hundred experts, the possibility research report of newly Hainan west loop line high-speed train system construction has been officially passed.

During the committee, experts came up many instructive suggestions and opinions about the route station, bridge and tunnels along the way, appraisal and budget projects. All these suggestions and opinions will be soon revised and supplemented and then send to the National Development and Reform Commission for approval.

With a total distance of 342 km, the west loop line starts from north Haikou city, via Chengmai, Lingao, Yangpu, Changjiang, Dongfang, Ledong etc,  switch eventually in Sanya line of east loop line train system of Sanya city, 13 stations along the way, the estimated speed is 200km per hour. 

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