Celebration for the 60th Anniversary of Chamdo's Liberation


The press conference for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Chamdo was held in Chamdo by the Development and Reform Commission of Chamdo Prefecture, Oct. 19.

The year 2010 marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Chamdo Prefecture, eastern Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

The celebration of the anniversary is scheduled to be held on Oct. 23, during these days art performances and the launching ceremony of key construction projects will be held to present the drastic change of a modern Chamdo. Moreover, the celebration will be broadcast live for the first time,' said Cheng Yue, director of the celebration committee, who briefed the preparation work of the celebration at the press conference.

Losung Dechen, spokesman of Chamdo Prefectural Government stated the remarkable changes and achievement made in Chamdo over the past six decades. Besides, officials from different bureaus of Chamdo Prefectural Government attended the conference and answered questions posted on site concerning education, transportation, environmental protection, city planning, healthcare service, cultural protection and inheritance , regional development, local distinctive industries, aid-Tibet projects, local tourism, as well as housing projects for farmers and herdsmen in agricultural and pastoral areas in Chamdo.

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