Must-try in Beijing - famous Beijing Roasted Duck


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For visitors to China's capital of Beijing, trying world-famous Beijing roast duck is as much a "required experience" as seeing the Badaling section of the Great Wall!

This succulent poultry dish is a time-honored favorite in China, well known across the country. Though Beijing cuisine does not get as much worldwide renown as Cantonese or Sichuan cuisine, Beijing duck has been prepared since the days of the Emporers and is considered one of China's national dishes.

The process for making Beijing duck is carefully followed to ensure that the flavor of every duck is rich and full. Before being put into the oven, the duck is filled with a specially-made soup, which makes it possible to roast the duck outside and boil it inside at the same time. The result is that the skin tastes crispy while the meat underneath remains tender. After being roasted and glazed in oil, the duck has a deep red color. Few people can resist the temptingly yummy appearance, but luckily, now it's time to serve it! 

First, the chef will show you the whole duck. After presenting it to the table, he will slice it into one hundred and twenty pieces, displaying his artistic cutting and presentation skills, which are equally as important as his culinary ability. 


Normally, Beijing roast duck is served together with special spring pancakes, green onions, and sweet hoisin sauce, and you can wrap slices of duck, onions, and the sauce in a pancake with your hands, or use chopsticks if you like.

There are multiple choices of seasonings: sweet sauce with diced onions (optional cucumber and radish), mashed garlic, or simply topped with white sugar. Which flavor is the best? The answer is: you must find out for yourself!

The best place to try Beijing roast duck is QuanJuDe in Beijing, which has a long history of over 150 years and a great reputation. The duck here is said to be the best in Peking, and the service is exceptional!

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