Visit Xinjiang to see the Five Colored Hills Park, Qitai and Shanshan


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The Five-colored Park - Famous Attraction In Xinjiang

Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, is a attractive city in northwest of the China. When you travel to Urumqi,you should never miss the other fantastic destinations: the Five-colored Park, Qitai and Shanshan. All of these destinations are must-visit places in Xinjiang. You can find more information from Eastern Xinjiang Photography Tour.

Through this Silk Road adventure journey, you will visit the most popular places in Xinjiang such as Urumqi, Qitai, Shanshan and Turpan. The adventure journey is completely different from the city sightseeing in eastern China. It is much harder. If you are ready for the Silk Road adventures, pack your bags and take part in the WindhorseTour's tours. WindhorseTour also offers travelers other wonderful tours such as Travel Through Silk Road To Exotic Nepal/Silk Road & Tibet Explorer Tour.

The Five-colored Park - The Most Wonderful Photography Place
Drive about 250 km. (155 mi.) towards the north after you travel to Urumqi, you will get the Five-colored Park which is located in Buerqin county. The Five-colored Park is famous for its imposing views as well as natural treasure including large amount of oil, gold and precious stones. The scenery on two sides of Irtysh River is completely different: the beach on the south bank reflects oasis, desert with blue sky while the north side varies in color under the influence of river and wind at sunset. The Five-colored Park where the odd rocks can be found everywhere will leave you a deep impression with its oddness, mystery and magnificence.

Travel To Qitai - Jiangbulak Scenic Spot
The next stop would be Qitai which is located on one of the Silk Road and known as Gucheng. Jiangbulak Scenic Spot, located 60 km. (37 mi.) south of Qitai County, it is a vast grassland in the eastern part of Tianshan Mountain. As a top attraction near Qitai, Jiangbulak Scenic Spot has a unique location which endows it with beautiful landscapes, without any extreme weathers in the summer or winter. It is a truly wonderful place for photography. Here, you also can visit the strange waterfall which the water flow from down to up. Please look at China Silk Road Adventure Tour for more information about Silk Road tour.

Travel To Shanshan - Taklamakan Desert
Then, you will be able to travel to Shanshan which was a kingdom located at the north-eastern end of the Taklamakan Desert. The Taklamakan Desert, China's largest desert, is crossed at its northern and at its southern edge by two branches of the Silk Road as travelers sought to avoid the arid wasteland. By the time you arrive there, what first catches the eyes is only an endless desert. While you walk in the Taklamakan Desert, you will perceive the plants, the beautiful, distinct desert forms with infinite waves. With the glow of sunrise and sunset, it will give you an exciting experience if you take a camel ride into the desert. If you are really lucky, you might see a "mirage" which is formed by the refraction of sunlight passing through different layers of air. If you are interested in the Silk Road tours, Great South Silk Route/Taklamkan Desert Highway Adventure Tour is one of them.

Wonderful Silk Road adventures are always waiting for you. You will be able to visit the other famous places such as Hami and Turpan. Enjoy your adventures with your travel team.

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