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Travel To Xinjiang - Sayram Lake
Xinjiang, on the traditional Silk Road, has a unique landscape which is called "three mountains surrounding two basins". When you travel to Xinjiang, WindhorseTour strongly recommends you take the Xinjiang Natural Beauty And Historical Heritages Tour. WindhorseTour will guide you to travel to Xinjiang's top attractions such as Bayanbulak Grassland, Karez Well and Sayram Lake.

The Beautiful Scenery In Bayanbulak Grassland
You will start your journey in Urumqi. Then, you will travel to Xinjiang's most popular destinations: Kuitun, Baghrash and Turpan. A visit to Bayanbulak Grassland, you will know that it is a great prairie boasting luxuriant verdant grass, numerous flocks of sheep and varied plants. Karez Well underground irrigation channel in Turpan is one of China's three greatest feats of ancient engineering, along with the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. Sayram Lake,the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang, is renowned as a pearl of the Silk Road. If you are interested in Silk Road adventures, please look at China Silk Road Adventure Tour for more information.

Bayanbulak Grassland - The Wonderful Photography Place
Bayanbulak Grassland is situated at the foot of Tianshan Mountain in the northwest of Hejing County. Being a far-flung and level prairie, the Bayanbulak Grassland abounds in varieties of grass and is studded with numerous lakes. It's also surrounded by mountains. In fact, Bayanbulak means "abundant spring" in Mongolian. Here, you will know that Bayanbulak Grassland is filled with Yanqi Tianshan horses, Bayabulak dawei sheep, Chinese meilinu sheep and yak.

As the second largest grassland in China, the scenery in summer is really beautiful. During the hot summer, many varieties of wild flowers are in bloom competing for attention while many yurts are dotted in the grassland like pure white clouds. Sheep leisurely wander over the grasslands which adds a touch of beauty and a pastoral air to the whole scene. The WindhorseTour can also guide you to travel to China's wonderful places, please join in another tour: Great South Silk Route/Taklamakan Desert Highway Adventure Tour.

Travel To Turpan - Karez Well
As a unique underground water system in Xinjiang, the Karez Well was invented and built by ancient farmers from the various ethnic minorities of Turpan. It is a must-visit attraction when you travel to Xinjiang. The Karez Wells are mostly located in Turpan, Hami and Mori. However, Turpan Basin has a large number of Karez Wells. In the ancient times, Karez Wells were made to adapt to the natural environment in dry region and some of them are now opened to travelers. Nowadays, millions of hectares of fields are still watered by Karez Wells.

Sayram Lake is 520 km. (323 mi.) from Urumqi. It is another wonderful attraction which you should not miss when you travel to Xinjiang. As the largest and highest alpine lake in Xinjiang, Sayram Lake is a fairyland with wonderful natural scenery. It just looks like brilliant emerald inlaid in the basin surrounded by Tianshan Mountain. If you are interested in the Xinjiang tour, please look at Best Xinjiang Tour/Xinjiang Explorer Tour for more information.

Sayram Lake - Must See Attraction In Xinjiang
The scenery in Sayram Lake is quite varied in four seasons. The mountain slope is covered with a green blanket dotted with colored blooming flowers in spring while the cold wind stirs a boundless wave which splashes the bank and the mist can even hide the snow-capped mountains in the winter. If you want to visit Sayram Lake, WindhorseTour recommends you to travel here in summer and autumn. At this time, the water in the lake is very peaceful.

When you travel to Xinjiang, do not miss these amazing attractions which are the most beautiful places for photography. Enjoy yourself in a Xinjiang tour.

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