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Himalaya Tours - Pokhara Scenery
What could be more relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the city than a rendezvous with nature? This is exactly what a trek to Ghandruk offers, which is situated about 200 km. (124 mi.) from the capital Kathmandu, Nepal. A 20 minutes' flight or about 8 hours by land takes you to Pokhara, a popular destination for tourists. Take a tour from Tibet to Nepal, in which tourists can visit Lhasa city, a holy city that is a must visit if you plan to travel to Tibet, to the splendid mountain called Ghandruk near the second city of Pokhara. For more information about this, please look at the related Himalaya tours on WindhorseTour's Amazing Tibet Group Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu via E.B.C.

Travel To Tibet - Potala Place in Lhasa
Travel to Tibet and you can't miss the symbolic Potala Place in Lhasa. The holy Potala Palace is located in the city center of Lhasa city. It is the landmark of Lhasa, the capital of all the holy Snow Mountains and the symbol of the whole Tibetan Plateau. Potala Place is the symbol of splendid Tibetan cultures, ranking the highest place on land and the most majestic place in the whole world. Besides this important site, tourists can visit many Buddhist monasteries in Lhasa. Tourists are recommended to visit Lhasa first and then reach the Nepal as their final destination. For more information about this, please check on WindhorseTour's 8 Day Group Tour From Lhasa to Kathmandu.

Himalaya Tours To Nepal - Beautiful Ghandruk

Pokhara is well known for the number of activities it offers to tourists such as trekking, paragliding and many more. After spending the overnight in Pokhara tourists can decide to start their journey to Ghandruk early the next morning. Ghandruk is a place with amazing scenery. The scene that the trek offers is amazingly beautiful. There are buffaloes, colorful birds and of course the mountains. It is a once in life time experience. There are signboards with the direction and distance leaves all along the way, which can help tourists to check to reach the summit on schedule. For more information about Himalaya tours to Ghandruk in Nepal, please refer to WindhorseTour's Mt. Everest Base Camp Overland Tour to Kathmandu.

Himalaya Tours - Ghandruk in Nepal
During your trek to the top you may encountered the sounds of bells and these are actually a pack of mules. These is a warning sound to the trekkers that mules are heading towards their way and these animals are used as carriers for supplies. So for many trekkers Ghandruk is the first stop over and many people exchange their experience and stories. For more information about tours to Pokhara, please check on WindhorseTour's Best of Nepal Tour from Kathmandu-Chitwan-Pokhara. The returning trekkers would pass on the information and tip on weather and conditions for the people beginning their journey. Ghandruk offers a variety of accommodations to the visitors from modern hotels to cottages.You must will be mesmerized with the view, when the rays of the sun striking on the Fish Tail Mountain, a memory that shall stay forever.

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