Top attractions in Lhasa - part 2


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As you visit the charming Lhasa, you will inevitably be astonished by its rich culture which you can explore some more top attractions of Lhasa. They are Norbulingka summer palace, Sera Monastery and the Tibet Museum. The best way to enjoy this feast of spirit is to listen and you can get a deep touch about the Tibetans' belief through listening them chant and sing sutras. Take your heart with you while listening the debate held in Sera Monastery and keep your ears on while losing yourself in the fabulous scenery of Norbulingka summer palace or the remarkable collection of Tibet Museum. These top attractions in Lhasa will provide great scenery for photographers. 

Sera Monastery - Lhasa

Sera Monastery -- The Sera Monastery is one of the attractions in Lhasa and also a must see place in Tibet. Together with Ganden Monastery and Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, it is reputed as the Three Great Monasteries of Tibet. Thousands of King Kong of Buddha are still kept in the monastery which are mostly made by the local Tibetans, and numerous original colorful murals are preserved on the walls. One other point worth emphasizing and sketching is the daily debate held from 15:30 to 16:30. It perfectly expresses the lamas' endless pursuit of the pure classic meaning and it is wide open to all the people, but everyone there should undoubtedly be quiet.

Norbulingka Garden - Lhasa

Norbulingka -- Situated in the west side of Lhasa, Norbulingka serves as the summer palace of Dalai Lama, every year around mid-March, the Dalai Lama would move there from the Potala Palace and stay until the end of October, when he would return to the Potala Palace again. As the biggest man-made garden in Tibet, with its exquisite structure and elegant landscape, it has built its own incomparable legend, enchanting visitors around the world to come to see this Lhasa attraction. Expect the fantastic view of the scenery, here you can also see the typical Tibetan production "Tangka", a unique kind of Tibetan scroll painting with silk embroidery. It couldn't be better to choose it as souvenir than anything else.

Tibet Museum -- The Tibet Museum is the youngest museum in China and also Tibet's first museum equipped with modern facilities. It is located in the southeast corner of Norbulingka. On your visit to the Tibet Museum, you must pay more attention on the museum exhibition which is comprised of four sections. They are the pre-history culture, indivisible history, culture and arts and people's culture. All of those exhibitions reveal to us a storehouse of several thousand years of Tibetan history, politics, religion, cultural arts and customs, however those valuable treasures still keep their splendor as time marches on. Besides, the construction of the Tibet Museum fuses together traditional Tibetan culture and modern and creates a unique architecture style, impressive and glorious.

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