Top 3 snacks in Beijing - where to find them?


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No travel in Beijing would be complete without tasting the local snacks in Beijing! Most visitors are deeply impressed by those snacks, and regard them as the living fossil of Beijing. Go with the locals and try some distinct snacks of Beijing cuisine! Here are the top 3 snack foods. Plus highly recommended restaurants in Beijing!

  1. Seasoned Millet Mush
  2. Sugar Gourd
  3. Douzhi

Beijing snack - seasoned millet mush

    1. Seasoned Millet Mush (面茶 Miàn Chá) -- It roughly means noodle's tea, but it isn't tea and is eaten for breakfast or supper.

    It is Made from millet flour with sesame sauce on the top, which looks light yellow and smells with the rice aroma of sesame.

    But, the most important part is way of eating. The seasoned millet mush is really hot, however, the old Beijingers don't use chopsticks or spoons. 

    They rotate bowl let millet mush and sesame flow together to the bowl side and swallowed it, thus, every sip includes of everything. If you have seen this way of eating in restaurants in Beijing, you are so lucky because the form art gradually dying out.

    Beijing snack - Tanghulu
    2. Sugar Gourd (糖葫芦 Táng Hú Lu) - - Whatever the age of the people, they love it, even you can't stop tasting the sweet- twinkle candies.

    Its history could date back to Song Dynasty of China and in old times it was popular in winter. In many Beijingers' eyes, Tang hu lu is representative their childhood.

    The warm and fresh Sugar Gourd consist of candied fruits on bamboo skewers which about 20 cm. (0.6 ft.). Traditionally, the fruits used is Chinese hawthorn (known as 山楂 Shān Zhā), but recently times the strawberries, apples or bananas are used in a tradition way. It is widely found in the local streets as a snack in Beijing that you can easily buy in any season. 

    Beijing snack - Douzhi
    3. Douzhi (豆汁 Dòu Zhī) -- It must be the most necessary food for Beijingers' breakfast. People love to drink it, which could go back to hundreds years and it is still popular.

    The beans is the main material inside which has plenty of rich nutrition. It looks grayish- green, tastes slightly sour and smells unique.

    When you try it for the first time, its flavor may not be easy to swallow the drink, but after the second time you won't stop praising this drink. Traditionally, the locals would drink Douzhi with some Beijing cakes.

    Which is the best restaurants in Beijing to taste these delicious snacks? You can try Wangfujing Snacks street (王府井小吃街 Wáng Fǔ Jǐng Xiǎo Chī Jiē) which is near Tiananmen Square. Do not miss these tasty yet cheap Beijing snacks when you travel to Beijing!

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