Tibet attractions - best time to visit three holy lakes


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You have never been to Tibet if you haven't ever visited one of the gorgeous Tibet attractions -- Three holy lakes in Tibet. There are three famous lakes in Tibet -- Namtso Lake, Manasarovar Lake and the Yamdrok Lake, they are renowned as "The three holy lakes " in Tibet. In most Classic Tibet Tours, at least one of the three lakes is included in the Tibet tour.

Namtso Lake -- Namtso Lake is one of the must see Tibet attractions, at an altitude of 4,718 m.(15,479 ft.), it is the highest salt water lake in the world. Namtso Lake is famous for its blue and pure lake water, it is said that Namtso Lake enjoys the purest blue water in the world. If you have ever taken part in a Tibet Tour with Namtso Lake, you must know that the Tibet attraction --  Namtso Lake is really startling, the vast expanse of clear blue lake water reflects the crystal blue sky, you can't even tell which is the lake and which is the sky. In the south of Namtso Lake, the snow-capped are located, the  Nyenchen Tanglha Snow Mountain, with the inverted reflection of the towering Nyenchen Tanglha, Namtso Lake appears more charming and graceful. There is a legend that Namtso Lake and the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain are snuggled lovers. The best time to visit Namtso Lake is from June to September each year, after October you may not get chance to enter because of the heavy snow.

Manasarovar Lake -- Manasarovar lake is located in the south of Mount Kailash, about 35 km. (22 mi.) away from Ali, Tibet. So Mount Kailash Tour always includes the sacred Tibet attraction -- Manasarovar Lake. The scenery around Manasarovar lake is very beautiful and it is the largest freshwater lake with the most transparent water in China. Manasarovar Lake is called the sacred Lake in the Buddhism, in the summer and autumn seasons each year, the Buddhists bring along the old and the youth here to pilgrimage, they take the chance of taking bath in the sacred lake as the luckiest thing in their life. So you can see the important statue of Manasarovar Lake in Tibetan people's heart. The best time to visit Manasarovar Lake is in May and June. During this time, the weather is good. The rainy season of Tibet begins from early July to August, while from October, there maybe heavy snow and the roads will be blockedStart your Kailash Tour with Manasarovar Lake!

The Yamdrok Lake -- The Yamdrok Lake is the largest inland lake of the northern Himalayas, the gorgeous mountain and lake scenery can be the best in the south of the Tibet attractions. The Yamdrok lake means the "Jasper Lake" in the Tibetan language, there are numerous lake crossings of the Yamdrok Lake, like the corals. The lakeside of Yamdrok is a good pasture, herds of cattle, wild animals and plants are often found here. It's unimaginable that there are snow pigs on the mountain at an altitude of over 5,000 m. (16,404 ft.). You may occasionally run into some wild sheep and ox on the grass land. Take a Tibet Tour with Yamdrok Lake, you may have the lucky chance and have an exciting encounter with this beautiful nature. The best time to travel Yamdrok Lake is from June to August.

Generally speaking, if you want to see the three holy lakes -- the Namtso Lake, Manasarovar Lake and the Yamdrok Lake, the best time to visit is June. In June, the rainy season will not have started yet and the weather is good. Three holy lakes, the most beautiful Tibet attractions is awaiting for your visit!

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