Souvenirs in Beijing to buy in while on tour


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Do you want something memorable from your tour to Beijing? Collect some souvenirs in Beijing to help you remind you of your Beijing tour. But there are various kinds of souvenirs in Beijing, many choices and lots of things you may want to buy. WindhorseTour, your China travel agency, suggests you the 3 gifts to buy in your Beijing shopping which are included in the following list:

  1. Zhongguojie (Chinese Knots)
  2. Peking Opera Masks
  3. Er Guo Tou

Zhongguojie also literally known as Chinese Knots (中国结, Zhōng Guó Jié), it's a decorative handicraft art with all kinds of styles. It's give a symbol for people wishing their good health and happiness all year around. It's easy to tie on your clothes or bags that is beautiful and also brings good luck charm also prays for you. The Chinese knots originated  from the Tang and Song Dynasty in China and is still popular. A long time ago, the Chinese knots were endued with legal meaning, so that now knots are respected by Chinese. Furthermore, this is one of top popular souvenirs in Beijing among home and aboard.

Peking Opera Masks (​ Jīng Jù Miàn Jù, 京剧面具), it looks dramatical art of facial make-up in Beijing Opera for a long history. When actors performs and dance, the masks are used by them. In Beijing Opera, "Jin" and "Chou" are the most ones represented in Chinese opera. It's convenient to choose which one you need to buy: the mask of "Chou" featured in white nose highlighted in face. Also the masks of "Jin" has different patterns, such as: "whole face", "quartered face" and "six-division face". Travelers can't stop their excitement wearing these masks during their Beijing shopping. 

Er Guo Tou ( èr Guō Toú, 二锅头), it is a typical type of Chinese liquor which is also called Chinese vodka. Perhaps the cheapest gift but it is a part of China like the Great Wall. It's made from sorghum and has an alcohol content of 56% volume, also it is a type of Baijiu (distilled liquor). Beijing residents popularly drink it which is easy to buy. As the part of Beijing culture, Er Guo Tou was listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China in 2008.

Zhongguojie, Peking Opera Masks and Er Guo Tou are the highly recommend souvenirs in Beijing to collect in your Beijing shopping list. Don't forget to negotiate the price and ask your guide for help. Get more Beijing travel information, please look WindhorseTour Beijing Highlights 4 Day Tour

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