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Turpan - Oasis Town in Xinjiang

Known as the oasis town along the Silk Road, Turpan is a fantastic tourist spot. With fertile land, it rests in the heart of the desert regions of Xinjiang.

Turpan attractions include its unique landscapes, abundant historic relics and tasty Xinjiang cuisine. All making it a must go when you travel to Xinjiang or along the Silk road.

Preparing for your tours China - Xinjiang? Read the following information about Turpan attractions and delicious Xinjiang cuisine.

Turpan Attractions

Rich in loads of grapes, Turpan is known as the hometown of grapes in China. The Grape Valley is a top attraction in Turpan, highly recommended by other travelers.

As a green and highly cultivated valley in the Flaming Mountains, the Grape Valley is a peaceful heaven and a welcoming place for visitors.

Turpan Grape Valley - Xinjiang
Clusters of crystal-like grapes hanging on the dense of vines, the vineyards provide you leisure spots and excellent grapes.

Taste fresh grapes, drink fruit juices and wines while walking around the vineyard it can relax you.

Gaochang Ruins is another valuable spot, which is the largest set of ancient city ruins ever found in the Western Regions.

The outline of the ancient city still exists and the city wall stands imposingly at the foot of the Flaming Mountains. The graveyard, Astana Tombs, is a main site in Gacochang Ruins.

The big graveyard holds about 1,000 tombs and all tombs have epigraphs and frescos. Two mummies and artworks can be seen, evidence of lost cities and civilizations can be found in this place.

Turpan Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves - Xinjiang
The Aiding Lake is one of the renowned Turpan attractions when you travel to Xinjiang.

Dry lake with extremely hot and dry weather in the summer, the Aiding Lake is now used as a setting for extreme sports or hikes.

The dry lake bed is about 155 m. (about 508 ft.) below sea level. This makes it the one of the world's lowest points after the Dead Sea.

Tuyugou Valley is another famous Turpan attraction. Another famous Turpan attraction is the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. With ancient religious caves and shrines dating from about the year 400 to the year 1,300 ago, the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves is a holy spot for local people.

The vivid paintings and carvings in grottoes depict people of various races doing things together like playing music, standing or doing Buddhist rituals, which attract visitors deeply.

What’s more, the place has really cool scenery including huge sand dunes that people can climb and take great pictures of the surrounding area. There are tall trees in the canyon of the grottoes.

Travel to Xinjiang

Uygur Wedding in Xinjiang

Travel to Xinjiang, where you can enjoy a total unique culture. Folk music and dances impress travelers enormously.

The Grape Festival is one of the unique festivals in Xinjiang. Celebrated from Aug.18 to Aug. 28, Grape Festival was first launched in 1990 and has since become an annual event in Turpan.

On the festival, a large-scale firework display with a singing and dancing gala mark the opening of the festival on the first night.

Events on the festival include a Wedding in the Uygur style, mashlap (lively and humorous folk dance), nazkum (witty art performance), Koco style songs and dances, Hami-melon competition, trade negotiations, tour of the Street of Grapes and Melons.

Xinjiang Cusine - Big Plate Chicken
Xinjiang Cuisine

Two Xinjiang cuisine that are recommended when you travel to Xinjiang are Big Plate Chicken, which is one of the most delicious recipes in all of Xinjiang.

The main materials are Chicken and potatoes. Rice Eaten with the Hands is a unique cuisine with fresh mutton, carrots, onions, vegetable oil, melted sheep's fat and rice.

This food is soft, delicious and nutritious. It is a feature of festivals, funerals and weddings. More Xinjiang cuisines like roast dumplings and Xinjiang kebabs are recommended when you travel to Xingjiang.

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