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Impression Sanjie Liu - The Local Girls
Have you ever seen the “Impression Sanjie Liu” in the cinema? Originating from the landscape opera, it made a successful debut in 2003 with “The Impression of Liu Sanjie” which was directed by Zhang Yimou. The largest natural theater with a largest-scaled show in Yangshuo recommended for you is the Impression Sanjie Liu. It is a perfect way to enjoy the performance in the natural environment when you travel to Yangshuo. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular things to do in Yangshuo.

When you travel to Yangshuo, you will know more information about Sanjie Liu from the local people. Sanjie Liu is a fairy singer in the myths and legends of the Zhuang ethnic minority. She is very beautiful and the voice to match her beauty. In the performance, what you can see are the impressions which are derived from the daily life of the local people who are living around the Li River, rather than the specific details of the stories. If you are interested, please look at 3 Day Classical Guilin and Yanshuo Tour to join the show.

The Amazing Background of Impression Sanjie Liu
Unlike performances with traditional artificial stage, here you will get the show “Impression Sanjie Liu” with natural background which is set in real mountains and rivers in Yangshuo County. The inspiration of this show is nature. As Zhang Yimou said,"We only do half of the work while the other half is done by the nature." The stage is a 2 km. (about 1 mi.) stretch along Li River with 12 mountain peaks and clear sky as the background. Indistinct mountain peaks, reflections in the clear water, misty rain and bamboo forests along with the sound of animals in their natural environment all vie for our attention and serve as peaceful interludes to the performance itself.

The show lasts about 70 minutes with more than 600 actors and actresses who all are local people. All of them will be dressed in different styles of Zhuang, Miao and Yao ethnic groups' clothing and will jointly sing folk songs, popular both at home and abroad. The magnificent background setting, artistic neon lighting, celestial beauty of the show and actors bring you an unforgettable night. All you need to do is sit back and relax to enjoy the show "Impression Sanjie Liu" and peaceful surroundings. That is one of the best things to do in Yangshuo.

Never Miss The Wonderful Show - Impression Sanjie Liu
Some tips should be given to you:

  1. Show time: The first run begins at 19:45; the second run begins at 21:20.
  2. The entrance of the theater is on the East Street (Dong Jie) of Yangshuo. You can take a electric powered car to the theater if you are in Yangshuo West Street (Yangshuo Xi Jie). It will take you about 5-10 minutes by the electric powered car and it will take you half an hour if you want to walk along the street.
  3. The performance may be canceled due to bad weather such as rains or cold temperature.

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