The most popular Yangtze River cruise tours


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Along with the Yangtze River, there are many natural scenery waiting for you and you will also will visit the starting city of Yangtze Cruise tour - Chongqing. The first part of the tour is the two Chinese famous ancient cities - Beijing and Xi'an. Attractions in Beijing and attractions in Xi'an can show you a classical Chinese scenery. Taking an excursion to Chengdu Panda Base where you can experience a truly close look at the adorable pandas. Travel to Guilin and Yangshuo to see the China's best landscapes and enjoy a short Li River cruise tour. At the final stop in Shanghai where it is China's most modern city will end this discovery trip. If you interested in this trip, please look at: Essence Yangtze River Tour.

Cruising Through Yangtze River to See Chongqing - Ciqikou
Chongqing is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, also it is the starting city of Yangtze River Cruise tours. Despite that Chongqing was discovered over 3,000 years ago, you can only find few ancient elements which is similar with attractions in Beijing and attractions in Xi’an. It’s worth spending your time on visiting the People's Liberation Monument, Ciqikou Village and Dazu Rock Carvings in Chongqing. Dazu Rock Carvings far from Chongqing urban area and it has over 1,500 years of history. Besides, Chongqing is famous for its hot Sichuan cuisine; it’s easy for you to find places to taste many spicy delicacies with the street vendors as well as in restaurants. Want to visit Chongqing? Please look at: Highlights Tour with Yangtze River Tour.

Cruising Through Yangtze River to Visit Guilin-Li River

Guilin landscapes are reputed as the best in the world with picturesque mountains and rivers. As for most travelers, Li River Cruise is the most popular way to experience the essence natural scenery from Guilin to Yangshuo. During the four hours ride on the boat, you’ll inspire in funny tales about various mountains. If you are a hiking lover, trekking from Guilin to Yangshuo along the Li River can be a good choice. Travelers who have enjoyed this route feel that it not only provides beautiful scenic spots, but also you can learn and experience local life.If you want a hiking tour in Guilin, then you can find more at: Guilin Hiking Within Visit Rice Terraces

Attractions in Beijing - Visit the Magnificent The Summer Palace
Which are the places more suitable for hot days to visit within many attractions in Beijing? The Summer Palace which was used for royal families to escape the heat in the summer. It is one of the most popular attractions in Beijing and it shows a classical Chinese style thus: mountains along with lakes. There are many typical and unique Chinese buildings which attract people to personally appreciate them. Travelers love to take a boat on the Kunming Lake at afternoon to see the sunset. Don't hesitate and join in the Glimpses of China to See Beijing Tour.

You may know many attractions in Xi’an, but which is the best place to visit? Terracotta Warriors Museum which can take you back to over 2,000 years to see the army vividly standing in front of you. Do you want to know why every solider has distinct expression, please look at: To See Best Xi'an Tour.

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