Lhasa City and Namtso Lake 2012 group tour


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WindhorseTour's new Tibet group tours have just been announced for 2012, and if you just want the perfect Tibet tour that hits all the highlights of mysterious Lhasa, Tibet, and the surrounding beauty of the Tibetan plateau, look into the Lhasa city and Namtso Lake group tour.

Tibetan Plateau near Namtso Lake - Lhasa Tour - Tibet Group Tour

One great thing about these Tibet group tours is that each group is kept to 12 people or less, small enough for everyone to fully enjoy the beauty of the Tibetan plateau. Bring your friends and enjoy travel in Tibet for a great bargain without sacrificing any of the sights this Spring!

Namtso lake on the Tibetan Plateau - Trekking Tibet

The Lhasa and Namtso Lake 5 day tour is one of the most reasonable ways for you and your friends to see Lhasa and holy Namtso Lake.

And most importantly, this value tour does not leave you without an suitable translator. With an number of professional Tibetan guides who can lead tours in English, Chinese, or Japanese, communication certainly won't impede you from getting the most out of your Tibet travel!


One thing that truly sets this group tour above others is that it not only gives an economical way to visit Tibet, it includes a visit with a local Tibetan family! The group gets to visit with a nomad Tibetan tent family, truly a unique chance to see their daily life and share a cup of authentic butter tea! 

Come join the group and trek Tibet!

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