Jiuzhaigou Valley - a winter wonderland!


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Can you imagine a tour to Jiuzhaigou valley in the winter? Why not travel to Jiuzhaigou to see its beauty in winter yourself. If you must find something to give the best description to it, its like the snow dropping from the sky with the sunshine in the backdrop, which gives you a feeling of serenity. Jiuzhaigou valley is one of the most attracting places to visit in Sichuan province. When the first snow falls in the valley, it turns in to a dream world totally. It's no doubt a baptism for your soul. When you think it's enough to hold your sparking eyes, it gives you more...

First snow visiting Jiuzhai Wonderland - Sichuan

Jiuzhaigou valley lies in Sichuan province. It has many colorful names – Fairyland of China, Jiuzhai Paradise, Winter Wonderland, etc. There is a photo on the right showing the Wuhua Sea when the first snow drops in Jiuzhaigou valley. As you can see, there were snowflakes falling from the air. Far beyond, the trees’ leaves have not been covered by snow yet. Vividly you can see the fallen tree branches under the water, which are the witnesses of history and times. The branches were put in different order, but just for this they look more beautiful. The wind blows the water surface softly, forming circles of waves.

Sunshine and winter wonderland - Exploring Treasures - Sichuan

In the winter, Jiuzhaigou scenic area is a Mecca of sunshine and rich harmony and it is quiet, clean and sober. It is clear with no dust and it is the true dream paradise. If you take a tour to Jiuzhai Paradise in winter, perhaps you will be truly read and understand the human paradise which you just see in poems and perhaps will be really impressed with the “Fairy Tale” of the soul… Here is a picture that combined the snow and sunshine. The image is entitled as “Exploring Treasures”. What brings to your mind? It shows, that the best is always the most different and it is the real memorable experience through a life time. 

Black and White - Jiuzhaigou Valley - Sichuan

If you have that sort of curious heart, remember life always brings you surprises. When the temperature gets lower and it is time for Jiuzhai to sleep. The flying waterfalls become still. Please be quiet and don’t bother her while she is sleeping! In winter, the flowing waterfalls turn to ice and hanging in nature. Now only two salient colors – black and white. The black stone and white ice adds to a majestic scene to the land forever and under the waterfall, you still can hear the water flowing peacefully, which is Jiuzhai’s flowing blood. People said that the sunshine and the pieces of snow combined the best wonderland. Get out your memories and lay them here, in the ICE AGE and the SNOW SEA. Forget that unhappiness and let them buried in snow layers. Cross your fingers on your nose, facing the sunshine to regain your lost heart.

Be yourself always! If you want to track the footprint of nature, then you must do it in nature’s way. This winter, wear your down coat, thick pants and shoes when you travel to Jiuzhaigou valley, the most attracting place when  you visit Sichuan and start your own discovering treasure tour in the valley.

Here is a piece by another writer - My New Years Trip to Jiuzhaigou - Snow-Covered Jiuzhaigou! (Part 2 of 2). As always, be free free to share your own stories!

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