The Double Ninth Festival


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Chong Yang Festival, regarded as the Double Ninth Festival, it is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. The Double Ninth Festival is celebrated on the 9th September according to the lunar date. With a history of more than 1,700 years, there are many traditional customs and activities held on this day. People in China celebrate this festival to recall their dead relatives. Travel to China and join this festival as a good chance to know Chinese culture. For more information about tours to China, please look at WindhorseTour's Ancient China Tour with Capitals Exploration.

The Double Ninth Festival was rooted deeply in the Chinese history and it began as early as the Warring States Period (457- 221 BC). According to Ching, yin represents the elements of darkness and yang stands for life and brightness. Moreover, nine is regarded as yang in the ancient people's eyes, so the ninth day of the ninth month is a double yang day, hence getting its name "Chong (double) Yang Festival". It is regarded as a lucky and auspicious day by people in China. On the Double Ninth Festival, people will do many things to celebrate this special day. Actually Chong Yang Festival is one of the most symbolic traditional Chinese festivals, just like Ching Ming Festival or the Spring Festival. For more information about China tours, please look at WindhorseTour's Classic China Tour. Here you can see a list of the traditional customs that people usually do on this day.

Climbing The Mountain

On this day people usually climb the mountain, plant Zhuyu, drink chrysanthemum wine and eat double-ninth cakes. This custom of climbing high to avoid epidemics was passed down from long time ago and the day is also called the "Height Ascending Festival". Tourists can take a tour to Sichuan to climb the famous Buddhist mountain in China - Mt. Emei. For more information about this, please refer to WindhorseTour's 7 Day Tour of Sichuan and Leshan Grand Buddha and Mt.Emei Hiking 4 Day Tour. It is really a good opportunity to climb the mountain and share the color of autumn.

Families Get-Together

The Double Ninth Festival is also a great time for families to get together and even if some of them are not in the same place, they will write letters or make phone calls to show they are missing to their families. It is also a celebration to remember their ancestors, the sacrifices they made and the hardships they underwent.

Special Food

On this day people always drink chrysanthemum wine and eat double - ninth cakes, which are made of rice and chrysanthemums symbolizing the progress and promotion in the following year. Why not travel to China and try this special food for yourself on Chong Yang Festival! The chrysanthemum wine is nearly drunk by everyone in the ancient time to drive away evil spirits and misfortunes.

It is a day to recall, to climb high and a day to appreciate the autumn, watching the beautiful chrysanthemums and the wonderful landscapes in autumn. Plan a tour and travel to China during the Chinese festivals and get yourself in the jubilant atmosphere of the festival. This festival is mainly celebrated for the old. While you are traveling in China on Chong Yang Festival, you will get your own understanding on this festival and show your appreciation for autumn.

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