Celebrating the Tibetan New Year in Lhasa


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Things to do in Tibet - Fascinating Traditional Performances
Celebrating the Tibetan New Year to Tibetans is absolutely the most significant day in a year. During the festival, Tibetans celebrate by some ancient ceremonies to welcome and pray the coming year would be better. Most travelers are willing to participate in this unique festival as it is the one of the must-try things to do in Tibet. Planning to travel to Lhasa? You should definitely consider experiencing a Tibetan New Year here with locals and you may be interest on this WindhorseTour's: 6 Day Tibetan New Year Festival Tour.

Generally Tibetan New Year celebrations will last for 15 days, but actually the preparation works for the New Year festival will start in advance in December. If this is your first time to Tibet then stay with a local family when you travel to Lhasa as they can give you a great time to celebrate Tibetan New Year. Most travelers would like to enjoy variety of public celebrating activities during the festival as their one of things to do in Tibet. As it is a traditional festival, you can also feel the festival mood while visiting places such as Gandan Monastery attraction in Lhasa and here is the 4 days travel to Lhasa city tour to see the famous highlights of the city during this festivity time. WindhorseTour is happy to tell you the date of Tibetan New Year in 2013 will be on 11th February and the 2012 Tibetan New Year Tour can give you more information about the celebrations and traditional festivities.

Enjoy Tibetan New Year Time with the Locals
It’s a warm family time during the celebration on Tibetan New Year's Eve. People in a family are sitting together to pray for a better future along with singing melodious songs and eat Guthuk (a barley crumb food with fillings), when you travel to Lhasa you can try it. Eating the traditional food Guthuk is fun if someone has eaten a different filling which is specially stuffed in the barley crumbs to fool people. Of a odd tradition that Tibetans will use the leftover of Guthuk to wipe with body as consider it as get rid of evil. After dinner the Festival of Banishing Evil Spirits begins. The elders in a family will light torches then run and yell to expel the evil spirits from their houses. Closing the door as quick as possible since evil won’t into the house again, then Tibetans go to bed until a bright morning come!

All night long, it seems as a long suffer for people who can't wait welcoming the Tibetan New Year's day. When time to open the door, people are happy to put on their new clothes and enjoy the first day of a year. From the second day of Tibetan calendar, dizzying performances like Tibetan Opera and horse racing make your things to do in Tibet meaningful! Don’t forget saying “Tashi Delek” (means good luck in Tibetan) to people when you travel to Lhasa, for Tibetans believe the wish will last for the whole year.

Travel to Lhasa - Wonderful Horse Racing

A New Year shows a sign that warm spring is coming; whatever, you have to keep warm while you travel to Lhasa as the temperature there is very low. But if you plan to join this festival and economic way travel to Lhasa, this is good time. The scenery of Tibet will be filled with snow and ice during the slack season, such as Namtso Lake may shows a unique frozen landscape. Don’t hesitate to see and try the things to do in Tibet like sightseeing and trekking and you can get more information at: Tibet Train Tour from Chengdu to Lhasa Tour.

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