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Famous Xinjiang Attractions - Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area
Would you like to travel around the Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar which are the most popular destinations in Xinjiang? Then, WindhorseTour suggests you have a Xinjiang tour: 7 Day Urumqi-Turpan-Kashgar-Urumqi Tour. Through this tour, you will be able to visit famous Xinjiang attractions such as Apak Hoja Tomb and Sugong Pagoda. It's just like an adventure in western China. You will be able to visit the historical sites and natural spots in Xinjiang.

There are lots of Xinjiang attractions to visit in this place. Kashgar's Apak Hoja Tomb, Turpan's Sugong Pagoda and Urumqi's attractions attract a large number of travelers from both home and abroad every year. Both of Apak Hoja Tomb and Sugong Pagoda are historical sites. If you are interested in the natural spots, Urumqi could be the wonderful place to visit. You can join in the other Xinjiang tours, please look at China Silk Road Adventure Tour for more information.

Travel To Urumqi - Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area
With feelings of sunshine and flowers blossoming, Urumqi is like a piece of emerald embedded at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains. While you are walking along the streets, you will be able see the beautiful Uygur girls with colorful clothing and a religious atmosphere from the mosques which dot all over the city. Here, you also can visit the much palace-like architectures, antique and musical instrument shops, and exotic snack stalls. Besides, Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area would be your best choice for you to look for a quiet and tranquil place. The wonderful scenery such as virgin forest, snowy mountains and peaks, as well as waterfalls and the scenes of sunrise and sunset is really magnificent. 

Travel To Kashgar - Apak Hoja Tomb
Apak Hoja Tomb, sometimes known as "Tomb of the Saint", is located 5 km. (3 mi.) northeast of Kashgar. As one of the top Xinjiang attractions and the largest Islamic mausoleum in China, the Apak Hoja Tomb is a group of beautiful and magnificent buildings such as the Tomb Hall, the Gate Tower and the Great Hall of Prayer. With a dome shaped top of 17 m. (56 ft.) in diameter and covered with green glazed tile south side, the Tomb Hall is 26 m. (85 ft.) high and 39 m. (128 ft.) long at the base.

The tombs inside the hall are built of glazed bricks with very beautiful patterns of blue flowers on a white background, glittering, simple and elegant. The Apak Hoja Tomb is now a key cultural relic unit under the protection of the Autonomous Region. If you are interested in it, you can find more information from WindhorseTour: 11 Day Beijing to Kashgar Tour.

Travel To Turpan - Sugong Pagoda
Situated 6 km. (about 4 mi.) southeast of Turpan, Sugong Pagoda which is one of the famous Xinjiang attractions, which is the largest ancient Islamic tower in Xinjiang and it is the only Islamic tower among the hundreds of famous towers in China. The architectural style of the pagoda displays both Uyghur and Han characteristics. With a height of 37 m. (121 ft.), the body of Sugong Pagoda is built of brick and wood but it also contains beautiful carvings in various patterns of Uyghur traditional design which makes the pagoda quite unique among the hundreds of pagodas in China. When you visit the Turpan, you should not miss the Sugong Pagoda.

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