Beijing opera – a must see traditional Chinese theatre


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Beijing Opera - China's National Essence, with a history of about 200 years, originated from the imperial palace during the Qing Dynasty, Bejing, China. Beijing Opera was listed on the "Human Intangible Culture Heritage " list in 2010. At present, Beijing Opera is a popular Beijing entertainment in Beijing people's life. When you visit Beijing, watching Beijing Opera is one of the must things to do in Beijing to make your Beijing tour more complete and make you deeply understand about the amazing Chinese traditional culture and Beijing people's entertainment.

Four Artistic Performance Techniques Of Beijing Opera

Singing, Dialogue, Acting and Acrobatic Combating are four artistic performance techniques of Beijing Opera, also called four basic skills of Beijing Opera. Each Beijing Opera actor is required to have perfected the four basic skills so as to give full play of the musical drama performance and perform better and depict various characters in the Opera. These four artistic performance techniques combines together to form a lively and interesting Beijing Opera, you won't feel bored as long as you can understand what story the opera is performing.

Four Roles Of Beijing Opera

According to the age, gender, Status, Temperament, etc, there are four kinds of main roles in Beijing Opera. That is :Sheng ( 生), Dan ( 旦), Jing( 净), Chou or clown ( 丑 ).

Sheng: Playing Male Role and it is divided into Laosheng (role of old male), Xiaosheng ( role of young male), Wusheng (role of fighting hero ), Hongsheng ( Laosheng in red face ) and Wawasheng ( role of children).

Dan: Playing Female Role. It is divided into Qingyi ( demure and virtuous woman ), Huadan ( vivacious girl or shrewish unmarried young woman), Wudan ( female skilled in martial arts), Laodan ( old female), etc.

Jing: It is also called "painted face" -- Hualian, generally play male role. It is divided into Zhengjing ( solemn loyal minister ), Fujing ( playing traitor), Wujing ( fighting hero) and Erhualian ( violent and wicked person) .

Chou or Clown: Comedic role. It is divided into Wenchou ( civilian role : funny or sinister ) and Wuchou (clever and humorous hero )

Painting Faces of Beijing Opera

The facial makeup is a kind of painting and exaggerating art, it always paint the eyes, brows and face with different kind of patterns, such as: bat, butterfly wing, etc. It always depicts the facial expression combined with exaggerating mouth or nose. Face of optimistic character is always smooth, while pessimistic one is always closing their eyes and curving the browns, very vividly.

The facial makeup of Beijing Opera is a also a special feature of national cosmetic. It uses different colors to depict different character. Red facial makeup represents loyal and brave hero; The black one represents integrity or bravery; White facial makeup represents traitor or evil person.

After  watching the Beijing Opera, you can experience and feel the profound Chinese traditional culture. Melt yourself with the local Beijing people in this Beijing entertainment as this is one of the things to do in Beijing and enjoy yourself in this Chinese essence!

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